We are so proud of Jayla’s progress this school year. After receiving the beautiful picture of her at the 8th grade dance, we all thought it would be a good idea for her write a short story about her experience in our program this year. Thank you to Ms. Ellie and Ms. Carroll for helping Jayla with this story:

This year I’ve had a lot of challenges and achievements.       

One of my greatest achievements this year is making new friends. The way I have made new friends this year is by interacting with them and using my communication skills toward them. For example, when I met my friends, I told them my name and what I enjoy. Another achievement that I have accomplished is making the Honor Roll for the first time. I was able to make the honor roll this year because I paid more attention to my work, stayed focused, and had help from my teachers when I didn’t understand my work. I have also not let the students in my class distract me while I am trying to concentrate on doing my work.

One way the staff has helped me this year is by encouraging me to work hard. They have told me that it is okay if I have a few bad days, but you can get back to where you were before. They have encouraged me to keep going. I have been able to talk to the social worker about my frustrations and tell her how I feel. I like how the social worker understands me so that I can tell her how I am feeling.

One of my favorite assignments this year was the M&M science experiment. We put two M&Ms in a cup of water and observed the color come off the M&Ms. I also enjoyed taking my math tests this year. I am glad that I have a class that I enjoy and have fun when I am doing it. Another activity I enjoyed this year was coloring on Fun Fridays. I think this is one of the coolest incentives I have ever had.

One of my favorite memories that I have this year is making new friends and having people to talk to during lunch so I am not alone.

I am happy that I have close connections with people I can trust.

Another favorite memory was the 8th Grade Dance. I was happy that I got to see a lot of my 8th grade friends outside of my High Road class.

I enjoyed talking to my friends, hanging out, eating sweets, and taking pictures with my friends. I also enjoyed staying out late with my friends. One obstacle that I have overcome this year is not getting in trouble as much as I have in the past years. I have maintained my close friendships and my teachers are able to trust me.

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