Staff of the Month: Jacob Kinney

It would not be a school year at Sierra without a few bumps and hiccups. I always tell my staff it is not about what we encounter but how we recover. That being said I am so incredibly thankful for Jacob! He has adapted so well and made such an effort to help our students. Not only has he earned their respect but he has become a friend and mentor. Jacob has stepped up in countless ways for our classroom and our students success would not have been accomplished without him.

Student of the Month: Skylar

Over the past month I have had the pleasure of working with Skylar. At first a shy girl she has most definitely come out of her shell in our classroom. She is so driven not only in school but socially. Her friendships are healthier than ever and she continues to maintain all A’s. Skyler is consistently finishing her work on time or early. She aspires to be an english professor like her father and is well on her way!

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