Simran Bhangu

“Sierra School reminds me everyday why I love working with children. Even within a stressful environment I have a team who motivated me and is always there to help! I am able to go to anyone and receive help without hesitation. I love making a difference in our students lives, as well as their families lives. Hearing the kind words and reinforcements from parents about their progress reminds me why I took this job in the first place. I can’t wait to see the success we have this year!”

Rosy Prasad

“It is with excitement and great pleasure I have been given the opportunity to be part of Sierra Schools! As an associate Marriage and Family therapist, I am driven and dedicated to supporting our community’s youths and families. My years of practice in adverse settings has given me an immense passion and thirst for curiosity to learn more about our field and practice in order to make a positive difference in the present time and space.”

Jacob Kinney

“I like working for Catapult Learning because I get to have a direct impact on our students’ lives. Working in a smaller classroom, I get to have a good amount of one on one time with each and every one of our students, and so I have created close relationships with each student. It is such a rewarding feeling when I see the improvements in our students, both academically and behaviorally, because it shows that the work we are doing is really helping these kids.” 

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