The staff at High Road Academy of Prince George’s County are committed to providing a quality learning environment for our students. We work as a cohesive unit, and we understand it takes TEAMWORK to make the dream work! There are no big I’s or little U’s, and no big is too big or small for us to get done. Our main focus and goal are to make major impact on the young people that we serve!!! It is our honor to help prepare them for their next level.

In our efforts to be transparent with our students and families, we offer clear, decisive, and effective educational strategies for all of our students. When building their competence and confidence within the learning environment, we hold our students accountable to meet the high demands of the ever-changing world around them. We consistently reflect on our value of humility and compassion of all learners. In order to provide high leverage practices and a sense community through engagement and family development.

Administration and Support Staff

First row from left to right: Ms. Pittman (Testing Coordinator), Ms. Harris (IEP Coordinator), Mrs. Harris-Jordan (Administrative Head), Ms. Cherry (Associate Director), Ms. Scott (Reading Support Teacher), Ms. Williams (Transition Assistant)

Second row from left to right: Ms. Loncar (Regional Art Teacher), Mr. Quinn (Transition Coordinator), Ms. Washington (Administrative Assistant).

Related Service Providers

Pictured left to right: Ms. Tylor (Social Worker), Ms. Brinson (Social Worker), Mr. Malphrus (Clinical Coordinator), Mrs. Deluzio (Speech & Language Pathologist) not pictured Ms. Bell (Occupational Therapist)

Elementary & Middle School Teaching Teams

First row from left to right: Ms. Dade, Ms. Penny, Ms. Jones, Ms. Lee, Ms. LeGrant
Second row from left to right: Ms. Booze, Ms. Knight, Ms. Alhamwi

High School Teaching Teams

First Row from left to right: Ms. Sweeney, Ms. Johnson
Second Row from left to right: Ms. Kittrell, Ms. Jeffers, Mrs. Grey, Ms. Mullings, Ms. Manson, Ms. Henderson, Ms. Rose, Ms. Whitehead
Third Row from left to right: Mr. Turner, Mr. Donald, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Owens

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