What impact has Abby had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Abby has been an essential asset to our team over the past month. She has taken on several new roles and responsibilities this school year. Abby is an integral part of our incentive committee and has worked with her colleagues to establish a creative and reinforcing incentive calendar. Abby has also been appointed as our School Historian and has been an active role in recording and documenting the amazing activities around our school this month. She then submits pictures of these activities to our school website.

Why did other staff members select Abby as Staff of the Month?

Abby was chosen as staff member of the month by our team of directors because we felt that she has shown great initiative and leadership. She does a great job of sending frequent e-mail updates to staff about upcoming incentives and takes the time to coordinate and implement these incentives in a way that staff and students have really appreciated. Abby has also been helping fellow co-workers, by filling in in multiple classrooms and responding to assistance calls as needed.

Abby has shown great leadership and enthusiasm this school year. We are grateful for all of her help with the incentive committee and really can see the impact that these new incentives are having on staff and students. Abby arrives each day with a smile on her face and is happy to take on new tasks challenges each day. We are so happy to have her as a part of our team!