What impact has Erin had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Ms. LeCain has taken on a leadership role with both students and new staff in her class helping organize and demonstrate how to have success with the model. She is a great team player, and willing to assist anyway she can. Ms. LeCain was selected by our staff for demonstrating leadership within her class, being able to build relationships with the students and holding them accountable at the same time, and being super helpful to new staff.

Ms. LeCain is a valuable resource for both our students and staff. She has put in a lot of effort and time into leading art and health this school year, and is accepting of feedback and guidance.

Can you give an example of a ‘Little Victory’ you’ve seen a student achieve at High Road School?

Three students who all started the year unable to do single digit addition are now able to complete double digit addition with use of their tools such as number lines. One of these students has nearly mastered all of his single digit addition facts!

Can you describe something special about your team and the school?

No two days are the same, and no two students are the same. Staff here are constantly collaborating to best meet our students’ ever changing needs. Our staff show up every day for the kids. They are here to see the students learn and want to help provide the kids with the skills necessary not just to function at HRS but also to function in all parts of society.

What is next for you in your career?

I would like to pursue a PhD in some field related to behavior analysis, after some time off of course. This will make me stronger as a teacher so I can better help my students. Even with my degree in special education, I knew even working in general education the skills from that degree would be tremendously helpful