Jordan is currently on Blue Day 28 about to receive Gold status. He is prompt, on time, and genuinely a good person. Jordan is always willing to help someone in need if he is able to. An active participant in class, Jordan keeps everyone thinking by asking the tough/intriguing questions. Jordan is very humble as well, he did not brag or boast about getting student of the month, he even asked if there was another student who might want the award more. Congratulations Jordan!

Mr. Pitner, Teacher

What has Jordan done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

Jordan is in the 10th grade and is in the High School Academic Model Classroom. Jordan has maintained a great attendance so far this school year. He participates well in class discussions and often volunteers his thoughts and ideas. Jordan is a very good writer and produces some exceptional writing compositions.

What is something Jordan accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of?

Jordan loves to write and is proud that he can express himself through his writing. He enjoys advocating for himself and being able to communicate more effectively through his writing. In doing this, he has found that he is able to open up to people in a more comfortable manner for himself.

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