What impact has Terra had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Terra is an Assistant Teacher in the Middle School/High School B.E.S.T. Classroom. She is a vital part of the classroom’s positivity and functionality. She runs groups within the room with direction from the teacher and is able to independently plan and implement other activities within her groups as well. She takes an active role in the daily operations of the classroom’s structure, behavior modification, and transition. She has a positive energy daily that carries over into her co-workers and also with the students she works with.

Terra goes out of her way to give the students in her classroom individualized attention and to make them feel important during all activities. She knows her students very well and how to respond differently to each of them, as well as displaying good patience in the classroom that the students respond positively to.

The teacher in the classroom, Miss Barbernitz, said that Terra is a glass half full kind of girl. She always has a positive outlook on stressful situations and has good patience working in the classroom. She shows quality care to the students and has the ability to adjust lesson plans as needed to fit the students’ needs in all rotations of the classroom.

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