Our student of the month for October is William! On his first day of school, William attempted to leave the classroom every single opportunity provided. When asked to conduct an academic task, William stepped away from his desk within 5 seconds and made his way towards the door. He required frequent walks around campus. When the opportunity presented itself, William exited the classroom without a known direction. At the slightest unsupervised moment William would have bathroom incidents.

William now tends to task for 15 seconds and takes his 30-second break at his desk for a duration of 10 minutes. His needs for frequent walks around campus have reduced. When walking into the restroom, William will disrobe but now places his clothing near a dry area by the sink. With partial physical prompts on his elbow, William now utilizes the toilet on a daily basis.

The staff at Sierra School are incredibly proud of the strides William has made this school year.