What impact has Collene had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Collene is the ultimate team player. She comes from a place of yes with her colleagues and makes them priority. She works very closely with leadership and is vital to their day. She helps staff get what they need done while pushing them to be more independent and fluent in their job responsibilities. She is always available to help staff and students. Collene has the best balance of empathy and accountability when it comes to student’s academics and behavior. She is always there to support them but hold them accountable reminding them they are in control of their choices.

Every staff person agrees that Collene has helped every person in this building. She is remarkably patient, accountable and kind. She is a great mix of professional and personal. She takes any feedback and always strives to do better.

Collene is a remarkable staff member and colleague. She makes the job of the school director much more manageable and efficient. Collene is necessary to the success of the school program. She is hard working and can make things happen that others cannot. We couldn’t be more honored and thankful to have Collene as part of our team.

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