There’s not enough good things I can say about Mr. Brandon. He implements the model with fidelity, consistency, and validity. He displays true grit. We are so happy that Mr. Brandon could be a part of our teaching team. We are looking forward to all of his creative, engaging, and exciting lessons.

Danielle Peck, Senior Program Director

What impact has this staff had on colleagues on students over the past month?

Mr. Brandon was voted by his colleagues as the September Staff of the Month because of his ability to support the existing school wide model and fit in as he was a veteran staff. His lessons are individualized and use real life examples to make sure the students are able to grasp and recall the concepts.  Mr. Brandon’s students appreciate the consistency, structure, and high interest classroom that he and his assistant teacher, Ms. Jes have created.

Why did other staff members select this person as Staff of the Month?

Staff appreciate that when they give Mr. Brandon feedback, he takes it and immediately implements new techniques. He is always there to support staff as well. He shows his dedication to the school, staff, and students by being a team player and always implementing the model for the consistency of the students behavior. Ms. Jes reported that even though it’s only been two weeks, she really enjoys working with Mr. Brandon. They balance each other and never miss a beat because of their communication and team work.

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