What impact has Megan had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Megan is a very dependable co-worker to have, she is always willing to help when needed. Megan definitely has an impact on her students because she is very consistent in her classroom and makes sure her students always have what they need.

Staff members chose Megan as Staff of the Month because she is a very hard worker and is dedicated to the kids. Megan is very good at getting on the same level as the kids when they are in need of help and can walk them through the situation at hand.

“Megan came to us in January and has been terrific! The students love the stability and innovation she brings. They are actively learning and engaged each and every day. Her personality has brought so much more to the other staff as her excitement and dedication to the students has spread. I look forward to watching Megan continue to grow and am excited for the bright future that lies in front of her!” – Russ Teegardin, Director

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