What impact has Ms. Bianes had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Ms. Bianes has been an outstanding member of our team. She is a hardworking individual who always takes on more than what she is expected too. When it comes to our students, she is a light for them. She welcomes them with a warm smile every school day. Students can always rely on Ms. Bianes being there for them when they need someone. She does more than her best for our students. They truly appreciate her, and it shows.

Our staff knows that Ms. Bianes will give nothing but her best when it comes to our students. She also excels when it comes to administrative tasks at work. We believe that she is one of the most hard-working individuals we know. Also, one of many great qualities is that she is caring. She is constantly checking up on all members of our team which shows that is she is selfless person. Due to these qualities, we all more than happily agreed that Ms. Bianes should be our Staff of the Month.

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