Move enhances company mission of supporting students’ resilience and mental well-being to unlock learning potential and academic outcomes

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FullBloom, a leading provider of special education, instructional intervention, behavioral health, and professional development solutions, today announced the acquisition of EmpowerU, a premier provider of evidence-based programs that improve student motivation, behaviors, and mental health. EmpowerU provides both Tier 1 teacher-led curriculum and Tier 2 one-on-one counseling support that improves mental health, behavior and academic outcomes for students and educators. The acquisition expands FullBloom’s student and educator services to support schools and student learning outcomes.

Through a proprietary, online platform, EmpowerU deploys highly personalized skill-building content in daily doses that is supported by one-to-one master’s level coaches who help each student make the connection between course content and their individual goals and obstacles.

“EmpowerU is a powerful, turnkey mental health program that blends perfectly with FullBloom’s mission and vision,” said Jeffrey Cohen, FullBloom chief executive officer. “Its innovative approach to mental health and ability to scale counseling services for students address the pressing needs for many of our partner schools and districts, where administrators are challenged by staffing shortages and limited resources. This acquisition marks another step towards nurturing the whole child and reinforcing FullBloom’s dedication to creating a positive, lasting influence on the lives of the students and families we serve.”

The EmpowerU platform expands K-12 educators’ capacity to deliver targeted support to students struggling with non-academic barriers to success, such as lack of social-connectedness, mental health and behavioral challenges, and decreased academic engagement and motivation. The program’s highly personalized, data-driven Tier 1 and Tier 2 solutions are proven to help students become more resilient, self-directed learners and reach their personal and academic goals — without additional hires or a heavy lift from schools. The program provides each student with interactive lessons and personalized coaching, pairing technology with brain research in a unique way that supports students, empowers their growth and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.

School counselors can monitor student progress on the EmpowerU live dashboard and receive a full data report on student growth pre- to post-participation using the Prochaska/DiClemente Transtheoretical Model of Change. With real-time insights into each student’s goals and progress, the school’s multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) or student support staff can make their individual student check-ins more focused and productive.

“Our shared passion for ensuring all students have the tools and support necessary to succeed makes FullBloom the ideal partner for EmpowerU,” said EmpowerU CEO and co-founder Katie Dorn, who will transition to a new role within FullBloom. “Our team approaches growth with students one small step at a time and we are confident that our integration with FullBloom will enable us to amplify our reach and impact at a time where student mental health and resilience supports are so critically needed.”

“Student mental health challenges are not going away just because the pandemic has faded,” said Tim Hickey, chief marketing officer, FullBloom. “A lot has been made of learning loss — and rightfully so — but until we address non-academic barriers to learning, we face an uphill battle. EmpowerU gives students the tools they need to build grit and resilience to become confident learners. We are thrilled to have EmpowerU as part of the FullBloom family.”

This acquisition aligns with FullBloom’s overall strategy of delivering programs that positively impact outcomes for children while driving down lifecycle education and healthcare costs. The company continues to identify opportunities to enhance its services and broaden its impact in schools across the country.

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FullBloom provides education and behavioral health solutions for children via school and community-based services. Our programs enable students to become stronger lifelong learners regardless of learning obstacles. FullBloom’s 8,200 educators, coaches, and healthcare professionals work in schools across the country to achieve sustainable growth in behavior and academics through evidence-based programs including special education, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), intervention services, alternative education, and professional development. Founded in 1976, FullBloom annually supports more than 150,000 children and 25,000 educators in over 1,100 school districts across three divisions, Catapult Learning, Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), and Little Leaves Behavioral Services.

About EmpowerU

EmpowerU is a leading provider of evidence-based programs that support students facing non-academic barriers to success. Through their comprehensive approach, EmpowerU equips educators with the necessary tools and strategies to deliver targeted interventions and empower students to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. With a commitment to data-driven decision-making and a focus on delivering care alongside evidence-based practices, EmpowerU is dedicated to transforming student outcomes. Learn more at

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