Staff of the Month: Ms. Bianes

What impact has Ms. Bianes had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Bianes has been an outstanding member of our team. She is a hardworking individual who always takes on more than what she is expected too. When it comes to our students, she is a light for them. She welcomes them with a warm smile every school day. Students can always rely on Ms. Bianes being there for them when they need someone. She does more than her best for our students. They truly appreciate her, and it shows. Our staff knows that [...]

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Student of the Month: Nick

What has Nick accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? The Apex team picked Nick for our student of the month not only because he is awesome, but he excels as a student. Nick has been able to do well in academics and staying on Blue level. Nick also has a sense of humor that always helps staff to have a good day. His personality makes him stand out in a great way. "Nick is a student who sets a good example for others in our class. He is always up for a [...]

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Staff and Student of the Month

Ms. Rian Bear-Flores and Dallas Christensen For the month of September Ms. Rian Bear-Flores and Dallas Christensen were selected as staff and student of the month. Ms. Rian's charisma, hard work and dedication with the students led her to be selected as staff of the month. Dallas's kindness towards his peers, and his efforts to help others led him to be selected as student of the month. Both individuals showed the attributes that make our school a great place. Great things can always be expected from them! Visit our website to [...]

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