Pumpkin Art Winners!

The winners for our Pumpkin Art Competition are Anakin Orman and Emma Prather. Both student's pumpkins were voted best pumpkins by votes from their peers. They were rewarded a coupon to pick any item out of the school store. Emma's pumpkin kept in line with the Halloween theme and was spooky. Anakin decided to go with a simple and less scary design for his pumpkin. Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Program

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Pumpkin Art

For Art class the students and staff in Classroom B decided to paint pumpkins to get into the fall spirit. There were arrays and variations of all sorts. It was also a special time for students and staff to bond ,and talk about what they like most about Fall.The painting of the pumpkins then turned into a friendly competition to see who could paint the best pumpkin. The students had an awesome time and complimented each other on their art skills. Visit our website to learn more about the [...]

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Hot Chocolate Bar

To celebrate Halloween staff at Apex decided to set up a Hot Chocolate bar for the students. It was a well deserved reward for the students. Also, it was excellent way to keep warm during the cold weather. Students were able to add their favorite mix-ins to their hot chocolate. They enjoyed the ability to create their own variation of the popular cocoa drink. Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Program

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Bianes

What impact has Ms. Bianes had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Bianes has been an outstanding member of our team. She is a hardworking individual who always takes on more than what she is expected too. When it comes to our students, she is a light for them. She welcomes them with a warm smile every school day. Students can always rely on Ms. Bianes being there for them when they need someone. She does more than her best for our students. They truly appreciate her, and it shows. Our staff knows that [...]

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Student of the Month: Nick

What has Nick accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? The Apex team picked Nick for our student of the month not only because he is awesome, but he excels as a student. Nick has been able to do well in academics and staying on Blue level. Nick also has a sense of humor that always helps staff to have a good day. His personality makes him stand out in a great way. "Nick is a student who sets a good example for others in our class. He is always up for a [...]

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Dancing At Recess

For the days that students are unable to go outside for recess, there is always a plan B. In Mrs. Chapman's class staff and students got together to show off their dance skills. Dancing is a good way for our students to release energy and have a fun time. What made students even more elated was that their teachers were willing to participate in the dancing. This activity definitively added unity in the classroom between staff and students. On top of that it was a wonderful way to spend recess inside! Visit our [...]

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Creating With Clay

On September 13th for our Art elective we decided to allow our students to create something out of clay. In the pictures we have Bryce Vansholtz David Mayfield along with their creations. David decided to keep it simple and create a small bowl.Bryce on the other hand wanted to make a clay figurine of Spongebob. Our students had a blast and definitely surprised the staff with their creativity. Visit our website to learn more about the Apex Program

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Peer Teaching

There is nothing more wonderful than when our older students willingly take the time to teach our younger students something. Here we have Noah Giegesh and David Mayfield. Noah and David asked if they could take a VTO together, so that Noah could teach David some helpful coping skills. Noah took David to the punching bag and taught him how to correctly punch. David was extremely elated that his older peer was taking the time to teach him a new skill. They both had a great time together and enjoyed each others company. [...]

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Staff and Student of the Month

Ms. Rian Bear-Flores and Dallas Christensen For the month of September Ms. Rian Bear-Flores and Dallas Christensen were selected as staff and student of the month. Ms. Rian's charisma, hard work and dedication with the students led her to be selected as staff of the month. Dallas's kindness towards his peers, and his efforts to help others led him to be selected as student of the month. Both individuals showed the attributes that make our school a great place. Great things can always be expected from them! Visit our website to [...]

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