Gabriel’s Angels offers a safe space for at-risk students to learn

The Arizona Republic visited Aurora Day School to highlight the great work our students and Gabriel's Angels are doing. Gabriel's Angels is a nonprofit which provides animal-assisted activities which involve dogs and other animals in recreational and educational programs. Over the course of 18 weeks, students spend 15-20 minutes a week reading with the dogs which leads to increasing their confidence in a safe space where our students thrive. “Zane used to struggle with reading, but when he started working with Michelle and Caymus, all of a sudden, he really blossomed." –Robin Puckett, an Aurora school therapist Read the story [...]

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High School Student of the Month

Megan is November's High School Student of the Month. Megan is hard working, she turns in all of her academic assignments on time. Megan is very patient with her younger freshman peers in the high school 3 classroom. Megan is a senior working towards graduating this year. Megan is respectful, smart, sociable, and joy to be around. Thank you Megan for all your wonderful efforts.

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Middle School News

In art we have been getting our festive groove on! We have worked with different textures and materials to complete candy corn, pumpkin silhouettes, and fall decorations for the fall festival. Middle school has been busy working in our rotational models and completing time on-task each week. We have had fun at horse therapy and with festive activities. Our teacher made us a jello brain to preform brain surgery on!

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October Student of the Month – High School

Shelly was chosen as October's Student of the Month because of her unwavering commitment to her success in school. Shelly's attendance has improved significantly, and she routinely completes her in-class assignments without prompting, even going above and beyond by completing extra problem sets or helping her peers. Shelly, a Gold Level student, also volunteers multiple times a week at the Heart Center and has established herself as a leader. She has also recently taken on some on-campus jobs, and has not let these extra responsibilities interfere with her work. The High School staff is very proud of Shelly's accomplishments. [...]

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August 2018 Students of the Month

Jada Jada has demonstrated exemplary behavior both in and out of the classroom.  She has served as a volunteer for several projects; attendance clerk, mentoring a non-verbal peer, St. Mary's Food Bank, horse therapy and multiple other activities.  She is an excellent participant in classroom rotations and shows initiative by starting new assignments on her own.  Jada continues to improve every day and strives to become better with both her behavior and academics.  Way to go Jada! Amber Amber was nominated for student of the month in August for her hard work in the classroom.  [...]

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