Staff of the Month: Kirk

What impact has Kirk had on colleagues and students over the past month? Kirk immediately gained a positive rapport with some our most challenging students. He is always willing to help in the various classrooms and always has a teamwork attitude. Kirk has a great relationship with parents and all the staff members. If you need a smile and some quick wit just visit Kirk's classroom! His joyous personality and sense of humor is present each and every day. We are so very happy to have him as part of our Aurora family! You are appreciated, Kirk. [...]

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Student of the Month: Joseph

What has Joseph accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Joseph has worked very hard to earn his way to be a Gold Level student. He regularly volunteers to run daily errands for his teachers, such as; make copies, sweep the classroom, or help empty trash bins. Joseph has also been helping his peers stay on task during Math rotations by showing them examples of math problems during his free time. Joseph deserves this award for being a model student and an example of what it means to be on Gold Level. He [...]

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Student of the Month: Lauren

What has Lauren accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Lauren has been named Aurora Day School's Student of the Month. Lauren consistently displays kindness and respect to her peers and staff while juggling a full course load. Lauren has also started working an on-campus job and has been appointed as our yearbook photographer. Lauren’s staff has shared that Lauren has been unbelievably helpful and has shown true compassion to her fellow classmates this year. Lauren's continued success has been hard-earned, and the staff is very proud of her. Congratulations, Lauren! What is [...]

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Field Trip & Sensory Time

Our Rise students got to go and explore the Children's Museum with three buddies from high school. They enjoyed the indoor playground and sitting in the library for quick break. The Children's Museum offered students a chance to travel a maze of pool noodles, check out unique flower bed, and stairs. All our students came back with smiles. This September our student finished iReady assessments and started working with new curriculum SPIRE. Our students have enjoyed the kinetic sand that was donated and has become a favorite for sensory breaks. They also enjoy shaving cream and love when food dye [...]

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Job Fair Events

High School 1 participated in Job Fair events. We created resumes and respective cover letters, applying for a multiple array of opportunities within the school. Students learned in depth the entire online application process which culminated in face-to-face interviews where students got to brush up on their interviewing skills! We also attended a job fair at the Airport Marriot where students obtained first-hand knowledge about jobs outside of the scope of Aurora. They also had the opportunity to apply for those very same jobs highlighted at the job fair. Students engaged in several volunteer opportunities helping out at the St. [...]

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Junior High Classroom Activities

Our academic classroom rotation model allows our students to make the most out of each day and many are showing great academic progress! Students work in groups of the same or similar academic levels to ensure that instruction is at each student's level of understanding. Students are enjoying P.E at our beautiful, new playground. P.E. is an activity that the students really enjoy and they are always ready to participate! Students from Jr. high and high school are playing a game of basketball, where they practice improving their social skills as well as getting some valuable physical fitness!  Teachers and [...]

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Elementary News

The Elementary class has had a fun and exciting start to the school year. We are learning new concepts such as expanding our sentences, cursive, reading on our own and Touch Math. Our friends also enjoying learning how to cook with the Middle School classroom. We have learned how to cook French Bread Pizza and Dirt Cups in the past month. Our class continues to learn and grow together. We can't wait for what this next month brings us, especially with Halloween around the corner! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day [...]

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Staff of the Month: Robert Young

What impact has Robert had on colleagues and students over the past month? Robert has an unwavering dedication to students, staff, parents and program! In addition to being the Transitions Coordinator, he is also a Certified Trainer for NPCI, Assistant Supervisor and IT in training! Why did other staff members select Robert as Staff of the Month? Robert works tirelessly for all staff and students and always makes himself available for assistance. "Robert always goes the extra mile to secure transition services for all of our students and does not hesitate to include all the schools in [...]

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Shopping and Budgeting Activities

In the Shine Classroom we started out the year by practicing shopping in the classroom at our very own Shine Market! Each student selected and purchased the hygiene items they would need in order to start each day at school.  We practiced having real experiences in our classroom through making shopping lists, budgeting, and selecting items that were within the budget. Once we had tooth brushes that we could use to clean the sugar off of our teeth, we learned how to make and decorate our own tiny donuts in our donut themed classroom. We can't wait to try [...]

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Student of the Month: Valeria

Valeria is in High School 1. Since she has started the school year she has not missed any days, She has hit the ground running this year with her class work. She has participated in reading in front of the class out loud to all of her classmates and even working on the smart interactive board with her teacher and reading out loud the lessons on there. It appears from her peers that Valeria is coming out of her shell, as she will ask her peers for help and when they ask her a question she will [...]

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