Art Class Fun

In art, the students made valentines for their special someone, rubix cubes, and dragons. This was a difficult task because it required the students to connect various pieces in order for the dragon to work accurately. They did a great job! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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High School Academic Update

In Language Arts we wrapped up our series on the collections of Freedom dealing with oppression and subsequent Governmental rule. We have focused on foreshadowing, idioms, and pacing. Students have learned how author’s utilize different writing techniques to propel a story. In math we have centered our focus on dealing with factoring and how to use that to solve literal equations. During Economics we have covered opportunity cost and how it pertains to cost benefit analysis. Students created a decision making grid outlining analyzing choices and their respective impact to economic decisions. In Chemistry we maintained focus on electron [...]

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Middle School News

Middle school practiced a lot of life skills this month! We learned about cooking with measurements, went grocery shopping with a specific budget, and practiced preparing and cooking food. The class made cookies and pizza! We also took some time to practice some coping strategies to help us get through difficult days! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Black History Month

For Black History month, the Jr. High students wrote a biography on a Black American character of their choice. Students spent a week researching, prewriting and editing their paper; for a final grade, they presented their completed work in front of the classroom. The students researched on figures from modern history like Michael Jordan and Barack Obama, as well as other characters like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. With the HMH online curriculum and the addition of our new Smart Boards, the students can enjoy an interactive approach where they can look for the answers with the [...]

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Giving Back to the Community

Aurora Day School Transitions has started their annual volunteer groups this month. Our students were able to go to the St. Mary's Food Bank warehouse and help box food for donations. The students really enjoy working off campus for this event. They get to work along-side other volunteers and gain warehouse experience that is extremely valuable to our students. Aurora Day School Transitions also held another food truck distribution on our campus this past week. We were fortunate to provide dairy products as well as meat to the community. The turn-out was fantastic and we were able to distribute [...]

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SHINE Classroom Activities

In February we learned how to be peace keepers, how to make brownies from scratch, and learned about the relationships we have in our families. We had fun learning how to work cooperatively in groups for many projects, and had a great time working cooperatively with legos and locktagons! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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RISE Activities

RISE has been learning and growing through the month of February. The students have enjoyed the new SMART board and have incorporated dancing into morning music and movement. RISE is also working hard on academics with Ms. Jazz, Ms. Mindy and Mr. Tony. They are learning new social skills such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth. RISE would also like to welcome Mr. Jason to the team! He has done a great job jumping in and working with the kids! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora [...]

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Most Loved Private School

Aurora Day School was voted the Most Loved Private School by Hulafrog! Hulafrog connects parents to local events and businesses in their community as well as to each other. Way to go Aurora Day School!! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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High School 3 Dog Therapy Session

This month High School 2 had a visit from Quincy, a Corgi with Gabriel's Angels. Representatives from Gabriel's Angels come to Aurora Day School a couple of times a month to work with our students and provide dog therapy services. This week the students had an opportunity to talk about coping skills to use when dealing with a loss. Students had the opportunity to open up and discuss these powerful emotions in a safe and supportive setting under the watchful eye of Quincy. Petting Quincy comforts our students when they are discussing more difficult topics, and provides an outlet [...]

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