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Staff of the Month: Robert Young

What impact has Robert had on colleagues and students over the past month? Robert has an unwavering dedication to students, staff, parents and program! In addition to being the Transitions Coordinator, he is also a Certified Trainer for NPCI, Assistant Supervisor and IT in training! Why did other staff members select Robert as Staff of the Month? Robert works tirelessly for all staff and students and always makes himself available for assistance. "Robert always goes the extra mile to secure transition services for all of our students and does not hesitate to include all the schools in [...]

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Shopping and Budgeting Activities

In the Shine Classroom we started out the year by practicing shopping in the classroom at our very own Shine Market! Each student selected and purchased the hygiene items they would need in order to start each day at school.  We practiced having real experiences in our classroom through making shopping lists, budgeting, and selecting items that were within the budget. Once we had tooth brushes that we could use to clean the sugar off of our teeth, we learned how to make and decorate our own tiny donuts in our donut themed classroom. We can't wait to try [...]

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Student of the Month: Valeria

Valeria is in High School 1. Since she has started the school year she has not missed any days, She has hit the ground running this year with her class work. She has participated in reading in front of the class out loud to all of her classmates and even working on the smart interactive board with her teacher and reading out loud the lessons on there. It appears from her peers that Valeria is coming out of her shell, as she will ask her peers for help and when they ask her a question she will [...]

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Aurora Job Fair

Students at Aurora Day School had the opportunity to attend a career fair for Aurora's on-campus jobs. Students who write a resume, apply, and interview for their chosen positions can choose to work for the campus coffee shop, print shop, car wash, or assist with clerical or maintenance tasks. This real-world experience helps support the student's independence and allows them to practice vocational and customer service skills in a variety of settings. Virtual wages earned by the students can then be spent in our Student Store. Visit our website to [...]

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Student of the Month: Julian

Julian was given student of the month for his helpfulness. He is willing to assist staff in various errands and jobs. Julian has assisted in collecting and taking out the trash. He also assisted at the food truck  and helping Mr. Lopez unload Fun Friday snacks. Julian is very helpful with moving chairs and shelves with peers. Overall, he is wonderful student who is kind and helpful soul. Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Staff of the Month: Mindy Link

What impact has Mindy had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mindy is receiving this award for her initiative and talent in supervising the on-campus job, Coffee Cart. Mindy has been innovative in working with the students to create stellar coffee services for all the staff! Why did other staff members select Mindy as Staff of the Month? Mindy has created an overall atmosphere and culture of the Coffee Cart business as fun and positive! All staff look forward to the new items that she has put on the menu and appreciate the amazing customer [...]

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Aurora Day School Annual Picnic

The Aurora Day School picnic was an awesome day for our staff, students and families. It is always such a pleasure to get to know our families and spend some FUN time with them! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Autism Night Phoenix Suns Game

Aurora Day School staff and students arrived at the Suns Autism Night right when the doors opened at the arena. Once in, our first group of parents and students enjoyed free food and drinks at the Suns Gorilla Greenhouse play area. Students and their families got to enjoy free video games and indoor basketball hoops for all sizes and ages. After the kids and their families ate, our whole group of participants were escorted to our sideline VIP seats to enjoy pregame warm ups for both teams. When the pregame presentations started, two of our students got to partake [...]

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Engineering Project

Our students did an amazing job participating in our engineering project! Many items were donated for this project from parents, students and staff. Students used their creative imaginations and put together some amazing robots! All projects were displayed and each student wrote a description of their robot. Our students never cease to amaze us with their creativity! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Science Class Dissection

The freshmen of Aurora Day School performed the school's first dissection. The class science project was to identify the organs of the rat. With our safety gear on and scallops in hand we performed surgery. The 9th graders did a wonderful job and were very responsible while making these dissection cuts in the name of science. The entire experience was a great success. Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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