Aurora Day School holds prom for students with autism in Peoria

Good Morning AZ visited the Aurora Day School on Friday April 26th to take in the sights and sounds of their 2019 Prom! The students were so excited to be able to celebrate their prom together and everyone worked hard on the theme "A Night In Paris" as well as on decorations. “It’s so important because many of our kids don’t take part in their home school proms so we are really excited to be able to put this event on for them." – RoxAnne Williford, Director, Aurora Day School Read the Story

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Visiting the Phoenix Herpatological Society [video]

Our students had a wonderful time visiting the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary. We'd like to thank  PAL Experiences for sending us on this great trip and preparing us in advance with a wonderful PAL Place video. Click below to see the video of our students on AZ Family CBS 5. Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Jr. High Gardening

Junior high students are proud to pose after seeing results from the science class garden. It was a very cold winter and they thought they were not going get any crops this year.  However, the radishes turned out big and healthy! Carrots, lettuce and cilantro are still not ready.  Hoping they are just as successful! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Middle School Art Projects

For the month of March we did some fun art projects. We took our time to paint wooden fish using our imagination. We also stepped outside of our comfort zone and completed sand art pictures! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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High School Academics & Field Trip

In Language Arts we are focusing on The Bonds Between Us. This covers a series of short stories that explores what links us to family, friends, pets, and community. We are learning the use of narrative techniques in a fictional narrative about interpersonal connections. Students have been utilizing the use of adverbial clauses (subordinate clause that functions as an adverb). In Math we have been looking at solving literal equations by factoring then performing cross cancellation in order to derive a solution. In Economics our focus has been on micro and macro economics and how it pertains to the [...]

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Annual Egg Drop

Elementary and RISE worked hard before Spring break to complete their egg drop projects. Staff and students worked hard to find new and creative ways to keep their eggs from breaking after being dropped from the roof. Both classes were successful with 80% of their eggs not breaking this 2019 school year! A big shout out to Mr. James and Mr. Dustin for helping out during our Annual Egg Drop! The students are really excited for next year! High School 3 joined the rest of the school in the egg drop challenge. We used a rubber ball and 8 [...]

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High School CPR Class

High School students had the opportunity to participate in a first aid and CPR class led by a representative from the Peoria Fire Department. Students learned about the different types of fires that may happen and how to react to each one, basic first aid, and viewed a CPR demonstration. Students were called upon to help demonstrate how to use pressure bandages, how to wrap, and how to stabilize injuries. Hopefully, our students will never have to use these skills, but we are glad they will be ready to assist if necessary. Visit [...]

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Middle School News

Middle school has been practicing their social skills and working with the transitions team to develop work readiness skills. The students have volunteered for the St. Mary’s Food Bank and the culinary institute. In the classroom we are staying busy with our rotations and utilizing coping skills! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Art Class Fun

In art, the students made valentines for their special someone, rubix cubes, and dragons. This was a difficult task because it required the students to connect various pieces in order for the dragon to work accurately. They did a great job! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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High School Academic Update

In Language Arts we wrapped up our series on the collections of Freedom dealing with oppression and subsequent Governmental rule. We have focused on foreshadowing, idioms, and pacing. Students have learned how author’s utilize different writing techniques to propel a story. In math we have centered our focus on dealing with factoring and how to use that to solve literal equations. During Economics we have covered opportunity cost and how it pertains to cost benefit analysis. Students created a decision making grid outlining analyzing choices and their respective impact to economic decisions. In Chemistry we maintained focus on electron [...]

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