SHINE Classroom Events

The Shine Classroom welcomed back the school year by jumping straight into our cooking classes, learning about important social skills, and getting used to some new aspects of the classroom for the 2018-2019 school year! We made cookies, pasta salad, spaghetti, and spaghetti sauce! We learned about selling our items to staff, and are learning to run a business, keep track of our money, budget for fun events, and plan for future trips. We've set classroom and personal goals for ourselves and are excited for this school year!

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Elementary Class News

Elementary has been working hard to complete assessments and learning new skills in our reading and math rotations. The students have enjoyed learning about the states of matter and parts of a plant in science. We have been enjoying playing together and becoming great friends through play time and classroom group activities.

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A Great Start to the 2018-19 School Year

Middle school has been working diligently to complete classroom assessment and complete all of our rotations within our rotational model. We have started our classroom projects in science learning about plant structures. The students have been developing coping skills and appropriate social skills that we require in our classroom!! Great job Middle School!

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A Great Year for our Transitions Program

The Transitions program for the school year has been great. Our students spent time working with the community, handing out food every month during our food box distribution here on campus. Our students also spent numerous hours volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank, helping box and prep food for distribution. The work study program also put students to work in a neighboring thrift store and local record shop, gaining work experience in retail and warehouse work. Students also visited several college campuses and on the job career exploration sites, such as: GCU, ASU, The Art Institute of Phoenix, and [...]

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Middle School Highlights – March 2018

Middle school has been very busy for the month of March!! We have volunteered for the St. Mary’s Food Bank, had the Phoenix Symphony visit us, participated in the school talent show, and kept up with various hands on projects!! We also get to enjoy dog Therapy!.

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2018 High School Prom

The 2018 Prom was such a huge success and exciting day for all. The students looked beautiful and handsome for this very special event! Our sister school, Sierra Academy of Scottsdale arrived by limo and walked down the red carpet into the beautifully decorated event. Dresses, jewelry and men's clothing were donated for the event and everyone looked amazing! What a very special day this was for everyone. Everyone is looking forward to the 2019 Prom, as each one proves to be bigger and better!

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Middle School Highlights – February 2018

This month, some of our middle school students participated at Special Olympics. They did a great job in a basketball skills event! The class has also been focusing on video based projects. As a team, the students develop, research, design a model pertaining to their task, and test and communicate their project. The students have been very motivated to participate and work as a team!

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