Middle School December Activities

Middle school has been jam packed with activities this month!   We took a short trip to horse therapy and worked as a class for counseling group.  We practiced finding the length of shapes using a protractor and a ruler.  In science class, we got to break open a geode! We are continuing to stay busy with all our festive activities such as participating in our annual Door War activity.  Our students did an amazing job decorating their door, creating everything by hand! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School [...]

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Art Class Creations

In art our students created some beautiful holiday crafts! We made several ornaments with foam and painted ceramic ones for our family members! We worked in the classroom to decorate cookies and decorate the classrooms for the holidays! The students did an amazing job making their classrooms look festive! The students worked closely with one another and did a fantastic job working as a team and learning the importance of compromising! Visit our website to learn more about Aurora Day School

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Middle School – STEM

Middle school has been working hard completing STEM activities. The students apply strategies and critical thinking skills to work through various restraints. In art, we are continuing on with our festive projects. We have made jingle bell necklaces and will be doing a lot of painting activities for the holidays!

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Transitions Team Events

The Transition team is off to a great start for the Christmas season, with the official re-opening of the Aurora Day School Print Shop. New student staff are training and preparing for the Christmas rush orders that we get every year. Student workers are developing new and exciting designs to put in our catalog, as well as being trained on how to print and press out items for sale for this upcoming holiday season. The Transitions team is also proud of the work our students put in during the Thanksgiving food truck distribution we had before fall break. [...]

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Junior High News

The newly remodeled playground and new basketball court is a great place for students to do physical education and to practice their social skills during Aurora Strong each day. Horse therapy is also a great way for students to learn more about social interactions as well as practicing working together as a team. Junior High students in this picture are volunteering at the horse ranch by washing the feed buckets. Great teamwork!

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Meet our Dog Therapy Team

A great big thank you to our amazing group of ladies from Gabriel's Angels who provide dog therapy to our students at Aurora.  Your dedication and caring attitude with the students is commendable.  Thank you for your time and energy, our students love to see your beautiful dogs each week!

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High School Student of the Month

Megan is November's High School Student of the Month. Megan is hard working, she turns in all of her academic assignments on time. Megan is very patient with her younger freshman peers in the high school 3 classroom. Megan is a senior working towards graduating this year. Megan is respectful, smart, sociable, and joy to be around. Thank you Megan for all your wonderful efforts.

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November Student of the Month

Emily Long has been doing great since the beginning of the school year. She is completing all of her work and is completing her minutes in i-Ready, which is something she was really struggling with last year. In two different conferences with her parents, they said that they are very happy with Emily and her performance both in school and at home. Emily has greatly improved her interactions with her peers. Emily was able to maintain blue level for forty five days and she is now gold level!

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Middle School News

In art we have been getting our festive groove on! We have worked with different textures and materials to complete candy corn, pumpkin silhouettes, and fall decorations for the fall festival. Middle school has been busy working in our rotational models and completing time on-task each week. We have had fun at horse therapy and with festive activities. Our teacher made us a jello brain to preform brain surgery on!

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High School Class (#3) News

The High School 3 class is full of personality, spirit and curiosity. The students have been hard at work, tackling subject matter such as Biology, US History, Algebra, English, and our elective Art Appreciation. After handling business all week long, the students came together and played board games. This allows them to let loose in a positive matter. Teachers and staff are very proud of the excellent work these students have produced!

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