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IT Talent

Briana C., is a very bright, and inspiring, twelfth grade student who attends the High Road Academy of Lanham, MD. Briana is currently enrolled in the Computer Repair class, at Prince George’s Community College. Briana, is one of those students who catches on very quickly, when it comes to electronics. In fact, she learns her lessons so quickly, that she even assists the instructor in helping with the rest of the class. The instructor Mr. Hall, says about Briana “I can’t believe how fast this young lady catches on, it just seems to come so natural for her”. [...]

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Completing A Class In Computer Repair and Build

Students from High Road Academy and High Road Upper Schools took part in an introduction of the inner workings of a computer. The class lasted for a month, students took apart computers put them back together and learned how each part of the computer works. Some of our students want to pursue a career in Computer Science, and they were given the opportunity in the class to show what they already know and what they learned. One student in particular, Karuan Johnson, got the opportunity to assist the instructor, Mr. Hall, with how to create and change the background [...]

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First Annual Transition Fair

Recently, High Road Academy hosted our First Annual Transition Fair. Representatives from PNC Bank, Chimes DC, DORS, and Melwood came to Lanham to speak with students, parents, and staff members about the different programs aimed to assist students transitioning out of high school. PNC Bank also spoke on opening bank accounts and financial literacy. Students were able to ask questions as well as gather information on the programs to sign up. The Transition Fair was a huge success and helped bring awareness to the opportunities after high school. Students are always able to visit the Transition Team at High [...]

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Annual Fall Spirit Week

It is always a good time to show off your school spirit. However, High Road Academy designates a specific week for students to really show off how much they love their school with Spirit Week 2018. Spirit week is always a favorite of both the students and staff to show their pride in High Road Academy as well as have some fun. There are different events hosted throughout the week such as Fall Pumpkin Carving Contest, Door Decorating Contest, Fall Candy Giveaway, and Fall Talent show. Student Jahki W. said he enjoyed showing off his talents at the Talent Show, [...]

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The “State” of Science

Our students are crazy about Science! The students in Ms. Whitehead and Mr. Echols' class conducted an experiment focused on the states of matter - solid, liquid, and gas. They wanted to find out what happens when a solid is added to a liquid and heated up to emit gas. The students heated salt with hot water in one pan and heated sugar in the other. They put the mixtures in jars with string to see the crystals form on the string. The students noticed that crystals formed on the strings in the salt water and the sugar water! [...]

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U.N.I.T.Y. Dance Team Tryouts – October 5th

Tryouts – October 5th, 2018 It's that time of year again! The U.N.I.T.Y. dance team at High Road Academy are holding tryouts for the 2018-2019 school year! Students will be expected to do variation of dance forms, from ballet to hip-hop. If selected, students will be performing at events throughout the year such as the Thanksgiving Celebration and Black History Month. Tryouts will be held on October 5th from 1:10 - 2:15 PM in our multipurpose room. Students must be on Green Level or above to try out. Students will need to bring comfortable clothes to try out in [...]

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Congratulations Seniors!

High Road Academy of Prince George's County would like to wish the graduating class of 2018 nothing but the best of luck as they complete one milestone and begin another. The administration and staff are very proud of you and know you will do great things as you transition to this next stage of your life. Read below to see what's up next for our graduates. Dashawn C.: Accepted to Howard Community College, Anne Arundel Community College, and UDC. Dashawn will plans to enroll at UDC and will be pursuing a degree in Childcare. He currently holds a certification in Early Childhood Development [...]

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Creating Our School Garden

Jarvius is a rising 12th grade student at Highroad Academy of Prince George's County. During the 2016-17 school year he expressed an interest in having a career in landscaping after graduation because he enjoyed nature, planting and growing things. With the assistance of his school social worker Mr Malphrus, they identified a small area outside of the school and started to clear it out to prepare it for his school garden. Jarvius said he choose this area to help make that outside of the building nice and beautiful. Since starting to explore this area Jarvius has grown the following [...]

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