Where Are They Now? – James Watson

James is a 2019 graduate of High Road Academy of PG County. James is currently participating in an apprenticeship program in carpentry in Washington, DC where James works at different job sites learning how to do carpentry work such as Framing, windows, and flooring. It’s a 4 year program, which at the end he received a carpentry license and becomes a journeyman. James wants to continue on to become a master carpenter, and eventually a foreman. James is very proud of being able to use what he learned at HRA to achieve his goals! [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Latonya

What impact has Latonya had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Latonya Sweeney started with our program this school year. Right from the start, she demonstrated a zest for learning and positive energy. She has demonstrated a lot of our CORE 4 values at work through her work ethic and dedication to the students and overall program. She is the kind of employee that asks questions and demonstrates a willingness and eagerness to learn our model. Her commitment to improving student motivation is critical to her overall classroom culture's success. Our School Director says [...]

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Student of the Month: Ka’yla

What has Kay’la accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Kay’la has exceeded every expectation that Mr. Johnson has set in place for her. “Her passion, charismatic personality and eagerness to learn are exceptional”, Mr. Johnson proudly stated. Her ability to follow classroom rules and assist with ensuring that all students remain on task, complete assignment and are always trying their best is remarkable. Ms. Johnson states Kay’la’s “compassionate nature sets her apart from her peers”. She is very aware of the power her voice has when she speaks and questions her teachers [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. J (Malry)

Ms. J (Malry) began her career here in the Spring of 2019 as an Assistant Teacher. She learned the High Road Model very quickly. Her vast knowledge of special education and ability to learn made her the ideal staff. She has dedicated her time to working with students and building their confidence towards learning. She has supported the program by developing 4 Step plans, Lesson Planning, and monitoring students daily progress. She continues to better herself by obtaining a degree in Education. She hopes to become a teacher and help children of all ages. Today, we celebrate [...]

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Student of the Month: Albert

The September student of the month is Albert R, he was selected because he exemplifies the chosen mindfulness trait of the month every day that he enters the building. Kindness means to be friendly, generous, and considerate. These are traits that describe Albert perfectly. He is always willing to help his peers and staff and never complain. He is known for always being pleasant, polite, and a joy to be around. Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy

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Student Spotlight: Andre M.

Andre M. is a current Senior at High Road Academy. Andre has become a member of the DORS Pre-ETS program, which assists Maryland students with job placement. Andre was able to obtain a job at Planet Fitness in Seat Pleasant, MD where he cleans the equipment and helps guests and other staff as needed “I really enjoy working there.” Andre says. After graduation, he plans to go to vocational school to become a car mechanic. Visit our website to learn more about High Road Academy

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IT Talent

Briana C., is a very bright, and inspiring, twelfth grade student who attends the High Road Academy of Lanham, MD. Briana is currently enrolled in the Computer Repair class, at Prince George’s Community College. Briana, is one of those students who catches on very quickly, when it comes to electronics. In fact, she learns her lessons so quickly, that she even assists the instructor in helping with the rest of the class. The instructor Mr. Hall, says about Briana “I can’t believe how fast this young lady catches on, it just seems to come so natural for her”. [...]

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