Altitude Trampoline Park

On Friday our middle school students were able to go on an outing to the Altitude Trampoline Park here in town. The students had an amazing time jumping on the trampolines, jumping into the foam blocks, playing basketball, swinging on the trapeze, and battling one another on the battle beam. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Valentine’s Day Celebrations

High Road School of Bloomington celebrated Valentine's Day by exploring the idea of kindness. BEST Elementary had a kindness tree in which they added hearts every time they noticed a random act of kindness from a student or teacher. Academic Elementary wrote kindness letters to their teachers and classmates. Academic Middle School created a door decoration and explored the idea of kindness for all people regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Meet the Team: Kristine Stonikas

Kristine Stonikas, Special Education Teacher (LBS1)  Originally, I was going for my bachelor’s in Secondary English Education, but ultimately decided that a general education setting was not for me. God guided me to High Road School of Bloomington about a year after graduating with my Bachelor’s in English Studies, and I started at High Road as a temporary Administrative Assistant in August 2015 At the end of my contract I was hired on fully as a 1:1 aide in October 2015; It was my first experience working with special education students. I ultimately [...]

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SMILE Illinois Dentist

The dentist is coming to High Roads! If you would like your child to participate, please contact High Roads for a paper form or sign up at You can download the form here. The dentist will be providing each child with a check-up and a cleaning. This dental exam is free for any child covered by Medicaid or All Kids. We need as many students to participate as possible for this service to come to our school! If we have enough participants, the dentist will be coming some time in February. If you have any questions please contact [...]

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LEGO Craft Day

As part of our holiday celebrations, Ms. April (our LEGO queen) guided students of all ages in a LEGO related craft. Students made wreath ornaments out of green and red LEGOs that they were able to take home at the end of the day. After completing their crafts, they were allowed to use the additional LEGOs to create designs of their own making. All of the students had a great time! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Meet Our New B.E.S.T. Elementary Teacher

My name is Kimberly Denton and I will be the new teacher for the BEST Elementary classroom at High Road School of Bloomington! I am looking forward to working with your child as we work together to progress toward their individualized goals. First, I’d like to begin by telling you a little about myself. I graduated in December 2017 from Illinois State University in a degree in Special Education (Learning and Behavior). I have been teaching in Peoria for the past year working with students at the elementary age. During the summer, the majority of my time is dedicated [...]

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Meet Our New Middle School Teacher

Happy Holidays! My name is Kristine Stonikas and I am the new teacher for the Academic Middle School at High Road School of Bloomington. I recently graduated with my Master's degree (2018) in Special Education from Grand Canyon University, and also have my bachelor's in English studies (with heavy coursework in English education) (2013). I have been working at High Road School since August 2015. I'm very excited to work with your children and look forward to helping them reach their academic and behavioral goals this year! I firmly believe that communication and consistency between school and home for [...]

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BEST Junior High Thanksgiving Meal

At the end of our Thanksgiving Unit, our BEST Jr High prepared a Thanksgiving lunch for all the BEST classrooms. The students created a menu, made decorations, shopped for all the food, and prepared the meal using picture recipes. They made mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn casserole, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, pies, jello, and the turkey. The students set the table, enjoyed their meal, played games, and helped clean up.

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Pheasant Lanes Bowling Upcoming Field Trips

November 9th Blue level students from our Academic High School, Transition High School, and BEST High School will be attending. November 16 Blue level students from our Academic Elementary School and BEST Elementary School will be attending. November 30 Blue level students from our Academic Middle School and BEST Middle School will be attending.

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