Student of the Month: Gabriel

What has Gabriel done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Gabe recently came into the High Road classroom as an 8th grader. Gabe has meet and exceed all goals set for him this year. Gabe enjoys social studies and gaming. Gabe is working on transitioning out to general education classes very soon. Gabe is very helpful and kind student in the classroom. Gabe interacts with all of his peers and often provides encouraging feedback to others such as "its ok - you can do this" What is something Gabriel has accomplished so far [...]

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Student Spotlight: Ethan J.

Ethan is one of our 10th grade students here at CSD. He strives for greatness everyday not matter the subject, academic or social you can always count on Ethan to offer a free hand and especially an idea. Ethan loves history, you can ask him any question about World War II and he’ll have a correct answer. When Ethan has a break from class work he loves to read a good James Patterson novel. The media center here at CSD is running low on new things for him to read needless to say. Ethan always comes in everyday [...]

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Lena’s Success!

Lena, a 5th Grader at Choptank Elementary in Cambridge, Maryland recently set a goal to attend math instruction with her general education. She attended math for 30 days in order to earn a special prize that she personally selected. This incentive pushed Lena not only to go to her classes but to exceed our expectations! Lena keeps track of her schedule, and prepares to head to her classes without having to be reminded. Even after she earned her Umicar (from her favorite TV Show Team Umizoomi) prize for December, she has continued her progress, and attends her specials classes [...]

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