A Blue Achievement

Dylan, a 7th grader at North Dorchester Middle School in Hurlock, Maryland, recently reached 50 consecutive days on Blue Level. This is a major achievement, as students are required to meet classroom behavior and academic expectations consistently in order to maintain Blue level. Dylan has been able to meet these high expectations for the majority of the school year. During his 50 Day celebration party he said, "Now only 50 more days until 100!" Way to go Dylan, we are proud of you! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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Earth Science

Small group instruction and hands on learning are what help students in the High Road Classroom gain knowledge and have fun. Students were broken up into two groups during Science class. The students in one group were encouraged to participate in finding hidden gems stones embedded in a larger rock. Students utilized various tools that aided in their discovery of gems and composite materials. Just like archaeologists students had to carefully dig and mine their way through to find gems. Students in group B have been studying the effects of tectonic plates and their involvement in the eruption of volcanoes. [...]

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Stockings Hung by the Fire with Care…

The students and staff at CSD High School are in the holiday spirit! The program Social Worker Taylor Malefatto works with students both individually and as a group to work on self directed goals and to help students learn and use different coping skills. During the group session staff and students contributed to a project that discussed coping skills and highlighted which one works best for them. The class went one step further and created a warm bulletin board so that it could be on display all season long to remind students of their coping skills. We also have [...]

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Fun Friday!

If students earn Fun Friday they have demonstrated consistent positive effort in both academics and behavior. Two students at Choptank Elementary School recently earned Fun Friday and were able to tie-dye t-shirts and socks. One student, LJ, was nervous about getting dye on his hands and initially did not want to participate, but with staff encouragement and support he was able to enjoy the activity. He says, “I wear my tie-dyed socks at home a lot and I remember that day because I wore my magic hat!”

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Reaching a Blue Milestone

While the transition from elementary school to middle school can be difficult, sixth grader Ezekiel has excelled. He reached his first milestone by quickly earning 15 consecutive days on Blue Level. In order to reach and remain on this level, students must display positive effort in academics and behavior. He says, “Reaching 15 days on Blue was hard because I had to really focus on changing my attitude”. Despite the hard work, he states, “It made me really happy! I was eating cupcakes in my mind to celebrate!”

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Celebration Time – Elementary School

Choptank Elementary students recently celebrated Halloween with a holiday themed party. They decorated pumpkin cookies using a variety of icing colors, flavors, and sprinkles. Vincent, a third grader in the class, stated, “I help my mom make cookies a lot, so I think my cookie will come out really pretty”. During the activity the students spoke about their plans to celebrate Halloween. “I want a lot of candy! I’m going to come home with a bag full of candy and be really really hyper,” said excited fifth grader, Lena. The best (and most delicious) part of the party was [...]

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An Architect’s Experience

Students at Cambridge- South Dorchester High School were involved in a hands on Tech Ed activity involving toothpicks and marshmallows! Each student was given an instruction sheet and were encouraged to produce what was pictured or make their own design! Students involved enjoyed this fun activity but how could you not when you’re able to eat marshmallows too! The activity was to go in part of our architect class which we are supplementing for tech ed. The first two chapters were leaning about basic design, foundations, and structure. After two classes of lecture, I thought it would be a neat [...]

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Extracting DNA in Science Class

By extracting strawberry DNA students were able to see up close and personal deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) strands. Students followed the scientific method and created hypothesis on what they thought would happen. They created a detergent using isopropyl alcohol, dish soap, sodium chloride. The students then used cheese cloth to separate The detergent was added to the liquid solution. Within seconds the students observed DNA strands starting to extract from the liquid molecules.

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Launching Into Learning

The students have been working on acceleration, speed and velocity. The students calculated the project using the formula distance= velocity x time. To get the basics of how objects move and what forces affect them during movement/flight. Then we started on projectile motion, to give us an understanding of the path of projectiles when launched or shot. To demonstrate these principles well are making catapults of different designs to be used for different targets.

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