High Road School: Dorchester County

Celebrating Mother’s Day

In the Month of May we take time to celebrate the special women in our lives. Students at North Dorchester Middle School were able to decorate a flower pot and plant a flower for someone they wanted to show appreciation for. We had students give flowers to aunts, grandmothers, moms, and then there was Dylan who chose to let his entire family enjoy the flower, “I’m going to put it in the kitchen so everyone can see it!” Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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Goal Setting The SMART Way

As educators, we routinely work at setting goals for our students. From improving abilities and meeting guidelines to being kind and putting the tops back on the glue sticks, there's always something to work towards. SMART is an abbreviation that helps us to compose significant and quantifiable objectives. The letters of the acronym stand for specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. SMART objectives can be used in an assortment of settings such as business, school, or setting personal goals. Students watched a video explaining the components of the SMART acronym and then wrote their own personal goals, explaining how [...]

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The Art of the Plane

Here at Choptank Elementary our class celebrated Fun Friday by making custom wooden planes. Our on level students got a chance to really show their individuality and creative skills by designing their plane. They used brightly colored paint (and of course wore their painters aprons) to create unique looks for their planes. Once the planes dried the students added the planes to their personal collections of toys and stress tools that they use during their earned free time, and recess. We loved seeing the creations they made, and look forward to lots of fun uses for these planes in [...]

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Escape Room

Students participated in an “escape room” group activity where their executive functioning skills were put to use. Students were told that their brains would be used for research by aliens if they could not accomplish tasks in time! Students came together throughout the series of riddles and advanced their team building skills. This activity focused on problem solving, social skills and team work. Students that participated explained how easy and effortless the activity was with the help of their fellow classmates. Visit our website to learn more about [...]

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12th Annual 5k Shamrock Shuffle

High Road is continuing to build relationships in the schools and the community. This has been the 8th year that the High Road In District programs have volunteered and helped out at this event. On March 16th, members of the High Road Team gathered in Denton for the 12th annual 5k Shamrock Shuffle. Caroline County Parks and Recreation hosted a fun run and a 5k all proceeds benefit the summer programs for youth in Denton. Ethan who is a 10th grader, also utilized this opportunity to earn service learning hours which is a graduation requirement. Ethan set up the [...]

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Learning Coping Skills

We had our wonderful Social Worker come by to do a life size coping skill project. This project allowed the students to interact and express emotions in the area of anger, what, why, how, when. The students not only participated but allowed us to further gain knowledge on why and what they see anger as. We then discussed awesome coping skills that they already knew they had and to reiterate them and when to use them. They enjoyed it just as much as we did and have witnessed the coping skills being used immediately. Sometimes refreshing is a great [...]

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100 Days on Blue

Here at Choptank Elementary school, we have a student that has achieved an awesome feat. Jamuel A., also known as LJ has accomplished day 105 of our highest attainable level. He has earned himself his own party with the thing he loves the most, French fries. He has really set the bar high and continues to crush his goals, Awesome Job LJ. You are a Choptank superstar. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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How a Bill Becomes Law

Our students at CSD took part in an interactive lesson to see how a Bill becomes a Law by doing the process hands on. With an info-graphic as a guide students and staff each played a part in the 5 step process which allowed everyone to have an input and keep the lesson changing. Ethan and Amber proposed the Bill after taking sometime together to create ideas of what they wanted to become a law. Eventually coming up with “The Home and Health Care Act for the Homeless” aka Triple H. This law would provide more shelters for the [...]

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