Art Show

Students have been hard at work since March creating masterpieces for this years art show! Family members and friends of students were invited to attend and see the artwork they put together. This year's projects challenged students to use a variety of mediums such as clay, chalk, yarn, and other different textiles to create different works of art. After a gallery viewing session, students were able to perform in a talent show. We are very proud to have such talented students! Visit our website to learn more [...]

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The Proper Way to Eat Oreo Cookies With Milk

Step 1: Necessary Items Needed: 1 package of Oreo Cookies (Double Stuffed, of course)Step 2: Preparing for Dunk: Carefully insert the fork into the cream fillingStep 3: The Cookie Bubble Bath: Submerge the fork holding the cookie into the milkStep 4: Perfect SaturationHigh Road Hartford High's Operation Director Ms. Russo enjoys having chats with our English Language Learner Christian on an ongoing basis. Christian is working very hard on learning English and Ms. Russo is working very hard on learning Christian's native Spanish.The focus of their conversation recently was, "The Proper Way to Eat Oreo Cookies with Milk". Luckily, the [...]

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Interviewing at Active Day

The Fifth Year Transition program along with High Road High School’s seniors Javier and Jeremiah interviewed at a potential job site, Active Day in East Hartford. Active Day is a senior day care program that has a multitude of learning opportunities for our students. The idea came from Fifth Year Transition teacher Anastasia Johansen who had previously worked at a similar program.We will begin our internships in the next week. After discussing our students’ interests Active Day contact Jennifer showed our students the different skills they can work on at Active Day, including kitchen and dining room preparation, recreation, and [...]

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Partnering With Petco

Petco in Glastonbury, CT has recently added our Transition students to their workforce. Petco is giving our students the opportunity to learn important skills in communicating effectively with store supervisors and other staff, following directions, cleaning, stocking and facing shelves. Our students will take these skills and generalize them in any retail setting. . Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Student Spotlight: Ramon L.

Student Spotlight Ramon L. – 12th Grade Mr. G, our transition coordinator, always makes me laugh. Also, Ms. Rembisz, my classroom teacher, has a positive energy level and is also really good at teaching me math. I am really proud of recently getting back on color this year! The thing I enjoy most about coming to school every day is the good mornings when I walk in the door. Also, Ms. Rembisz always makes me laugh when I come in to class in the morning. One thing I [...]

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Learning To Tie A Tie

Mr. Gutierrez, our transition coordinator, stopped into one of our classrooms today to give our students a tutorial on how to correctly put on a neck tie for work.  These students have been working at job sites such as Shoprite, where this skill will come in handy for uniforms and over all professionalism. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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World Kidney Day 2019

On Thursday, March 14th, our school will proudly wear green to support World Kidney Day! Learn more about World Kidney Day on their website today.

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Meet the Team: Marissa Parker

Marissa Parker, School Social Worker I chose this field to help students and their families both inside and outside of the classroom. Marissa has a Licensed Social Worker and has a Bachelor's Degree in Education My day always begins with greeting students, and then reaching out to parents and meeting with students for their individual sessions. I then hold social skills group at the end of the day as well as support any students in need throughout the day. Seeing the students and working with the students and families [...]

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