Staff of the Month: Mr. Almedina

What impact has Mr. Almedina had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mr. Edwin Almedina was nominated for our October staff of the Month! Mr. Almedina acts as a one to one paraprofessional. He works with students on activities of daily living, job site skills, and helping to translate for some of our English Language Learners. His colleagues nominated him because he is, “always willing to help out anywhere”, is “reliable”, “answers calls on the radio quickly” and “remains calm in all situations”. Mr. Almedina has been with the High Road of Hartford team for [...]

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Student of the Month: Mariana

What has Mariana accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? The student of the month for October was none other than Mariana! Mariana recently achieved Gold level status and was our Spotlight Student last month. Staff boast that Mariana, “has been outstanding on Gold”, is “always respectful”, is a “hard worker”. In addition, Mariana has been doing a “great job helping other students and staff”. What is something Mariana has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of? She recently used her organizational skills to assist Mrs. Carrillo in restocking [...]

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Student of the Month: Michael

What has Michael accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Michael moved into the Transition Classroom at the High Road School of Hartford High School this fall to add a life skills component to his education. Michael has proven to be a leader both in the classroom and at job sites. Michael always has a kind word and offers encouragement to his classmates. The staff at Active Day Senior Daycare have praised Michael for his work ethic. He has the ability to see a task that needs to be done and does it [...]

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Harvest Festival

Every year our School Climate Committee celebrates Fall with an after-school event for our students. This year we brought in all the favorites of the season and opened the event to families and providers! Students stayed after school and their families met them at school at the end of the day. First, was a flag football game! The students chose to play staff vs. students. The staff took the win! This was a great way to build up our appetites for a snack! We had apples with caramel sauce and apple cider. The cider was purchased by our transition classroom [...]

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Staff of the Month: Christine

What impact has Christine had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Hartwich is new to the High Road School of Hartford High team although she began her High Road career at our Primary School in 2014. When the opportunity to teach in our Transition Classroom at the High School became available, she jumped at the offer! Why did other staff members select Christine as Staff of the Month? Ms. Hartwich is excelling in a variety of ways in her new setting! She is the most seasoned of our teachers which allows her to be [...]

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Student of the Month: Bryan

What has Bryan done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Bryan has excelled in the last month in academics and especially on his most recent i-Ready diagnostic assessment! He has been working hard on maintaining school appropriate behaviors “Bryan is very motivated to stay on color. He knows the things that he struggles with but tries and if he can’t do it; he still wants to move on and work hard in his other subjects," according to Ms. Hartwich Transition Teacher, High Road of Hartford. What is something Bryan has accomplished so far [...]

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Navigating to Job Sites

One of the perks of being a student at the High Road of Hartford- High School is the proximity to public transportation! These students have a learning opportunity right outside the front doors; they are able to utilize the public transportation system to get to work site trainings. The transition staff has worked hard to find job sites that make walking and taking the bus realistic for our students knowing this may be their mode of transportation as adults. The students researched bus routes with staff and completed a practice run with a school van following. Now every [...]

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Money, Money, Money!

High Road of Hartford High runs on token economy which translates to students earning school money based on their color level for the day. This system is a way to encourage students to complete their assignments and acts as an incentive for increased positive behaviors. Teaching Assistants in each class keep track of the money earned daily as well as any money they spend on things like the school store.Ms. Hartwich’s class, our Transitional Classroom, has a different approach and keeps track of their own money with adapted check registers. The staff assists their students with completion of this every [...]

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Cows, Pigs and Horses! Oh my!

We at the Hartford High Road High School pride ourselves on our amazing team of professionals! We have excellent support from Mrs. Mele, our Occupational Therapist and Mrs. Canty our Speech and Language Pathologist. Mrs. Canty works with our students both in the school setting and out in the community. She took advantage of our trip to Flamig Farm in Simsbury to work with our students in a new and fun setting. Most of our students who attended this field trip have not had a chance to interact with farm animals which made for a perfect speech opportunity. Our students [...]

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Staff of the Month: Allena Hall

Ms. Hall has worn many hats for High Roads High of Hartford High. She usually acts as a seasoned Teachers Assistant but has stepped into this position in the temporary absence of our regular administrative assistant, Mrs. Carrillo. In her time at High Road Ms. Hall has acted as a Transition Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Handle With Care Trainer, Floater and too many other duties to name. The team voted Ms. Hall as Staff of the Month due to her flexibility in the role of Administrative Assistant. Her knowledge of our students and families proved to be an important [...]

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