New Sensory Room for VTOs

Social workers Ms. Gibson and Mrs. Rossetti have been hard at work creating a new sensory room for students to utilize for VTOs! This new room includes a HUGE poster that students can color, a Yogibo for students to chill out on, a yoga corner, a collection of sensory items for students to use, and so much more! Thank you for all your hard work! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Class of 2019 Graduation

Students from High Road School of Wallingford celebrated a graduation ceremony on June 5. Friends and families of grads gathered at the PNC to celebrate students graduating from 12th grade and moving onto the transition program as well as students graduating from the transition program into the world of work. We would like to extend a special congratulations to Rico Rodriguez, the winner of the High Road scholarship. Rico earned this scholarship by entering his written piece on persevering through whatever obstacles life has thrown at him. Everyone from High Road of Wallingford wishes all graduates the best of [...]

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Art Show

Students have been hard at work since March creating masterpieces for this years art show! Family members and friends of students were invited to attend and see the artwork they put together. This year's projects challenged students to use a variety of mediums such as clay, chalk, yarn, and other different textiles to create different works of art. After a gallery viewing session, students were able to perform in a talent show. We are very proud to have such talented students! Visit our website to learn more [...]

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High Road Prom!

Students from High Road of Wallingford, Hartford, and BEST Academy came together to celebrate prom! All students, regardless of grade, were invited to attend! The theme this year was red carpet! Students were dressed to the nines and enjoyed dancing (music provided by the wonderful DJ Batman!), dinner, and photographs on the red carpet. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Growth Mindset Collaboration!

Students at High Road of Wallingford High Road collaborated to create a mosaic Growth Mindset mosaic mural! Students each took a piece of the mural, wrote a goal or how they would achieve it, and decorated it in their own unique way. After students put the mosaic together, Kenneth Betlej, father of Special Education Teacher Katherine Betlej, built a frame for the picture so it could be hung up as a reminder of their goals each day. Students will sign the frame as a commitment to their goals and growth mindset! [...]

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Charity Basketball Game

Students from High Road of Wallingford High and Primary were able to participate in a staff-student basketball game! The students won by more than ten points and showed great teamwork! Students from Wallingford, Norwalk, and Hartford did a great job and raised a lot of money for the Juan DeJesus Scholarship fund, which one student will receive upon graduation. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Pi Day Celebration!

Students from High Road of Wallingford High School got a chance to memorize digits of Pi. The top student from each classroom got to throw a pie at our principal, Mr. Berardesca! Proceeds from entering the contest, and our dress green day are going towards Kidney Health for Everyone to celebrate World Kidney Health Day! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Art Festival Projects

We have began working on the Arts Festival Project! So far students have had a fun time using chalk pastels to create tree silhouettes. Students used different colors and shapes and one even had animals! We're very excited to show off our work at the upcoming art show! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Bridgeport Barber Hopes to Inspire Youth to Pursue His Craft

Jason Donalson is a barber at the Cuttin Edge Barber Shop in Bridgeport. He has been working with at-risk youth for years, some with learning disabilities, autism and physical limitations. On Wednesday morning students from the High Road School in Wallingford stopped by for a free haircut, while learning about the trade as a potential career path. Watch the video

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