Staff of the Month: Mr. Powell

What impact has Mr. Powell had on colleagues and students over the past month? Our staff of the month for October is Mr. Powell! Mr. Powell is a 1:1 paraprofessional who has shown exemplary abilities to redirect students to make positive choices. Other staff members have noted that Powell shows the Core 4 of humility and transparency. He is not afraid to learn from his mistakes and ask questions. When he is not in the classroom with his student, Powell is assisting other classrooms with VTOs or by running rotations to help other students reach their full [...]

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Student of the Month: Wilfredo

What has Wilfredo accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Wilfredo is our student of the month for October! He was selected due to his resilience and eagerness to take responsibility. Wilfredo works in the coffee shop, deli, pet center, and many other jobs around school in addition to attending his academic rotations. Mr. Berardesca, Operations Manager, is proud of his progress saying “Wilfredo has done a great job since the beginning of the year showing accountability for his behavior. He has also shown responsibility in completing jobs around the school with fidelity.” [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Perelli

Our staff of the month for September is Ms. Perelli! Ms. Perelli works with the High Road School of Wallingford as a 1:1 paraprofessional. Throughout this past month, she has been an integral part of the transition classroom where she has been a tremendous leader and encourages other staff members to do their best. She is always available to answer questions about our level system new staff members might have, or to help students with their class work. Ms. Perelli embodies the Core 4 of Decisiveness; if she recognizes there is a need for someone to run a [...]

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Student of the Month: Dakota

Dakota is a twelfth grader in Ms. Lieberman’s class. Dakota has done an exemplary job this September of having a growth mindset and being a positive role model for his classmates. Dakota re-earned gold status at the beginning of the month after working hard all summer staying on blue. Dakota encourages his peers to do their best and helps them when they are having a tough time. Mrs. Tatta, our transition coordinator says “Dakota is a very hard worker. He is trustworthy and always willing to help staff and peers”. Dakota has many on campus jobs such as [...]

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New Sensory Room for VTOs

Social workers Ms. Gibson and Mrs. Rossetti have been hard at work creating a new sensory room for students to utilize for VTOs! This new room includes a HUGE poster that students can color, a Yogibo for students to chill out on, a yoga corner, a collection of sensory items for students to use, and so much more! Thank you for all your hard work! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Bridgeport Barber Hopes to Inspire Youth to Pursue His Craft

Jason Donalson is a barber at the Cuttin Edge Barber Shop in Bridgeport. He has been working with at-risk youth for years, some with learning disabilities, autism and physical limitations. On Wednesday morning students from the High Road School in Wallingford stopped by for a free haircut, while learning about the trade as a potential career path. Watch the video

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Meet the Team: Jessica Miccio

Jessica Miccio, Teaching Assistant & 1:1 I chose this specific field because of my experience in dealing with children with trauma and attachment issues. I've been a foster/adoptive parent for over 13 years and have dealt with kids with all types of background histories. I've also been on the Board of Director's with Children's Community Programs in New Haven and have lead several RAD training classes. I volunteer at my children's school and have been an AAU and Little League coach for several years as well. My day starts with [...]

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