Meet the Team: Jeff Pincin

Jeff Pincin, LACMH, Counselor I chose the field of counseling to help others achieve their full potential and overcome obstacles in their lives. I rejoice when the dissonance between a desired life and actual life is minimized. My day-to-day includes conducting group counseling sessions, individual counseling sessions, assisting when students are in crisis, consulting with teachers and staff to assist with student behaviors, speaking with parents/guardians concerning student progress and problems, and much, much more! I enjoy being at a school where the students have, or can have, everything [...]

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Blue Level Trip-IMAX Theater

On March 26, blue level students Michael A. and Antonio B. were rewarded for their exceptional behavior with a trip to Penn Cinema IMAX Theater to see How to Train Your Dragon III. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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8th Annual Wing Bowl Competition

On March 22, 2019, three blue level students and one staff from High Road School of Delaware had the opportunity to participate in the 8th Annual Wing Bowl Competition, held at High Road School of Cecil County. Schools from the Delaware and Maryland region competed to consume 12 hot wings in the least amount of time. Our students proudly represented the northern Delaware region, and returned to the school excited to share their experience with their peers! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School [...]

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Get S.E.T. Competition

On February 21, students Marco Flores and Raymear Saunders of High Road School of Delaware participated in the Junior Achievement Get S.E.T. Job Readiness Competition. Both students had the opportunity to showcase their vocational skills by competing in four different skill sets. The event was a blast, the enthusiasm of the volunteers and competitors was contagious, and the focus on inspiring and prepare young people to succeed was achieved! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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The Preliminary Round for Wing Bowl

Students Logan M., Jah’Vion B., Searah D., Morgan B., and Marco F., competed in the preliminary round for the opportunity to represent our school at the 8th annual wing bowl competition. It was a tough competition, with reigning champion Morgan B. taking the W for the second year in a row! Morgan stated, “I think I had an advantage because I eat hot wings a lot and I really like spicy food. I think I can win the main competition, and I’m happy Logan and Marco are gonna be there to cheer me on.” [...]

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