Staff / Student of the Month

What impact has Matthew had on colleagues and students over the past month? Matthew has been extremely helpful in helping all students and staff with daily activities for the Month of September. Matthew gets the daily breakfast for each student within our school. He is also the assistant teacher within our 11th and 12th grade classroom. He is positive each day and builds a rapport with each student in our school. Staff feel as though they can always count on Matthew. "Matthew has made a positive impact within the culture of our school this year. Staff and [...]

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Student Spotlight: Meaghan C.

Meaghan C. — 8th Grade I genuinely enjoy it here. Some of my favorite teachers are Mrs. Bonilla, Ms. Jenny and Mrs. Caliri. Ms. Jenny and Ms. Bonilla often talk to me about my problems and cheer me up when I am down. They are always so silly! Mrs. Caliri is awesome too with her positive attitude. She doesn’t let you doubt yourself. She is also the best singer! I like all the other teachers too though. I am glad the teachers here actually trust me with important tasks. I am [...]

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Student Spotlight: Du’Quan B

Du'Quan B. — 8th Grade My favorite teachers are Mr. Adigan and Mr. Jorge, Mr. Adigun is the first staff I met at High Road School. He is always saying that I can do anything I put my mind to. Mr. Jorge is one of my favorite teachers because he is chill and he talks to me about real life situation and the outcomes of my decisions, like when I’m an adult. I’m really proud that I’m about to get on gold and work my way towards going back to a [...]

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