New Foods at High Roads

We are expanding our horizons at the High Road School of Wright City! The gold students took a field trip to The Rice Bowl in St. Peters, MO to try out some new foods and expand our tastes. We tried ramen, sushi, mandoo, and bulgoki. Not everyone liked everything, but that is okay. It all still found a way to get eaten! We are looking forward to some horizon expanding adventures in the future!

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Thanksgiving Feast 2018

Students, Parents, and Teachers came together to provide the High Road community with a Thanksgiving Feast to remember!  No fixins were spared, and all bellies were full by the time we were done.  We definitely had a hungry bunch, as nearly all of the food was eaten! We want to take the time to give thanks to our High Road families.  Their support and care makes the world of difference for the students in our schools, and we are thankful that they trust us to work with them.  Our school keeps growing, and after this feast, our bellies are [...]

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When Your Child’s Behavior Becomes Extreme

When children refuse to clean up their toys or eat their vegetables, most parents know how to best handle the situation. But what if a child’s reaction to appropriate consequences is extreme, escalating to physical aggression and even property damage and making the home unsafe? This type of conduct could be the sign of emotional/behavioral issues that need to be addressed for the best interest of the child, parents and other members of the family. When children act out in these ways, it can be very disconcerting for everyone involved. Parents often take on blame and can feel too ashamed [...]

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Sensory-Friendly Movie Night Hosted for Special Education Students

Catapult Learning's High Road School of Wright City hosted a free Halloween-themed Movie Night featuring a sensory-friendly showing of “Hotel Transylvania" attended by 25 people, including students and family members. “During sensory-friendly movies, the lights are left on a little higher. This keeps the contrast of the bright colors on the screen from being so harsh.  The movie volume is turned down a bit as well.” The story was published by 70 West Sentinel in Missouri. Read full article

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High Road School of Wright City Walks for Autism

On October 13th, 2018, the staff from High Road School of Wright City got together to show their support and raise awareness for autism at the St. Louis Autism Speaks Autism Walk. The team had a great time meeting new friends and greeting the old. We want to thank Autism Speaks, and the walk’s sponsors for putting together a great day full of good food, fun activities, and great people!

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The Importance of Empathy in Our Work with Students with Special Needs

A debate currently rages about the nature of autism. Within this debate are two important questions: Is autism a disorder to be treated? Or should society be treated to fit the needs of everyone? Like other writers who try to avoid falling into the pit of political despair, this blog will serve only to say what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say—“It doesn’t matter!” for our day-to-day activities. I know what you’re thinking—“What a crock!” “Take a stance!” “Stir the pot!”—but my goal is not to figure out everything there is to know about people with autism, whether you see it [...]

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