Teamwork in Learning

Academic 2 classroom recently completed a fun project in Social Skills that focused on enhancing communication, patience, and inclusion. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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National Bullying Prevention Month

During the month of October, High Road School of Wright City is raising awareness about bullying prevention. This month's Social Skills Groups, facilitated by Ms. Z., are focused around students and teachers collaborating with each other in order to create a safe environment within our school. During a recent Social Skills Group, each student traced their hand and decorated it to represent their commitment to each other. #stopbullying Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Exploring the Community’s Treasure of Knowledge

On Tuesday October 9th, High Road School of Wright City students who were green level or higher were able to participate in a walking field trip to the Wright City Scenic Regional Library. A total of 11 High Road students participated in this educational field trip. The students took about a one mile walk to the city's local library and were taken on a tour of the Scenic Regional Library by its staff. Many students (and staff) were surprised to learn that more than books could be checked out at the library. As well as books, there was also a [...]

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Diggity Dance and Fitness

On Wednesday, September 18, High Road School of Wright City received a special visit from certified group fitness instructor Dawn "Diggity Dance" Wagner. She introduced the students (and staff) of each of the classrooms to a Body Movement Fitness class. For 20 minutes, Dawn engaged the students in activities that incorporated dance fitness, stretching, and deep breathing exercises. Many of the students enjoyed the visit as a nice break from their ordinary Wednesday afternoon to get a little energy out and fitness in. High Road School of Wright City hopes to continue working with Dawn in hopes of [...]

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Student of the Month: Brendon

Brendon, 6th grade Brendon has shown excellent behavior this month. Brendon is barely prompted because he is able to self-regulate his thoughts. Brendon is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help when asked. What has Brendon done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Brendon is a member of the Academic 3 Classroom who consistently strives to be a good role model to his peers. He began his attendance at High Road School of Wright City over the 2019 ESY period and has been a [...]

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Gateway to Fun and Learning

On September 10, students from High Road School of Wright City were able to spend their day enjoying a trip to the Saint Louis Gateway Arch. Any student who was on Green Level and above spent the morning hanging out on the outside of the Arch, walking along the riverfront, and exploring the museum that is below the arch. “Going to the arch itself was my favorite part. Seeing the new look of the inside was fun because I haven’t been there since they did it,” said one student from the Academic 3 classroom. As an additional bonus, the [...]

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Blizzards in August

During the last week of August, some of High Road students got to enjoy a Dairy Queen Blizzard of their choice while they worked. The expectation was that any student who was able to maintain their behavior level at green by that afternoon got to enjoy this frosty treat! It was a very popular goal to work towards that left many students (and staff members) with smiles. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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High Road Students Take on FACS

During ESY, the high school students at High Road participated in Facts and Consumer Science (FACS) class, formerly known as Home Economics. Their teacher, Ms. Brower, implemented a series of creative projects to introduce the seven core concepts of FACS including cooking, child development, education and community awareness, home management and design, sewing and textiles, budgeting and economics, and health and hygiene. As pictured, the students have enjoyed raising an egg baby, sewing pillows, planning and implementing a menu, and many other activities! Visit our website to learn more [...]

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