Student of the Month: Brendon

Brendon, 6th grade Brendon has shown excellent behavior this month. Brendon is barely prompted because he is able to self-regulate his thoughts. Brendon is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help when asked. What has Brendon done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Brendon is a member of the Academic 3 Classroom who consistently strives to be a good role model to his peers. He began his attendance at High Road School of Wright City over the 2019 ESY period and has been a [...]

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Preparing Students for Independence

Aaron O'Neil, Program Director of the High Road School of Wright City, recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Warren County Record entitled "Preparing Students for Independence." In this letter, Aaron discussed the importance of the work he and his staff do to prepare their students for life beyond the classroom. "We work to ensure our students have the resources, knowledge and confidence to enter the workforce. Individualized career assessments, mock interviews, training programs and assistance with local job placement are integrated into our curriculum. Our team strives to help our students become happy, productive members of society [...]

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Meet the Team: Mary Claire Engel

Mary Claire Engel, PLPC   I chose to go into the mental health field because I wanted to be equipped with the skills to support others in enacting positive changes in their lives. I currently have my master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My day-to-day routine usually consists of meeting with students for individual sessions, responding to crisis situations, leading groups, supporting staff, communicating with parents and partner agencies, and lots and lots of documentation! What I enjoy most about coming to work every day is that it always feels fresh [...]

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March Students of the Month

Students from Academic I and II were awarded Student of the Month for March. These students demonstrated academic improvements, increased positive behaviors, maintained positive relationships with their classmates and school staff, and exemplified character traits of honesty and trustworthiness. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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February Student of the Month

February's Student of the Month made an impressive rise through the Level system, worked hard on task completion, showed increased willingness to be flexible, did his best to process directions and stay on task, and averaged an impressive 95% of his daily behavior points and 100% of his daily work points throughout the month. Way to go! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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High Road School Partners with Voc Rehab

High Road School of Wright City recently partnered with Vocational Rehabilitation to meet the transitional needs of our high school seniors. We would like to introduce you to Amber Cline, Counselor for Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, who has been working diligently to enroll all of our eligible students in services. My name is Amber Cline, and I am a Counselor for Vocational Rehabilitation.  This year I have enjoyed working with students who are preparing for graduation with planning for the next step.  VR provides a wide range of services to eligible students with disabilities to explore career [...]

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The Importance of Empathy in Our Work with Students with Special Needs

A debate currently rages about the nature of autism. Within this debate are two important questions: Is autism a disorder to be treated? Or should society be treated to fit the needs of everyone? Like other writers who try to avoid falling into the pit of political despair, this blog will serve only to say what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say—“It doesn’t matter!” for our day-to-day activities. I know what you’re thinking—“What a crock!” “Take a stance!” “Stir the pot!”—but my goal is not to figure out everything there is to know about people with autism, whether you see it [...]

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When Your Child’s Behavior Becomes Extreme

When children refuse to clean up their toys or eat their vegetables, most parents know how to best handle the situation. But what if a child’s reaction to appropriate consequences is extreme, escalating to physical aggression and even property damage and making the home unsafe? This type of conduct could be the sign of emotional/behavioral issues that need to be addressed for the best interest of the child, parents and other members of the family. When children act out in these ways, it can be very disconcerting for everyone involved. Parents often take on blame and can feel too ashamed [...]

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Sensory-Friendly Movie Night Hosted for Special Education Students

Catapult Learning's High Road School of Wright City hosted a free Halloween-themed Movie Night featuring a sensory-friendly showing of “Hotel Transylvania" attended by 25 people, including students and family members. “During sensory-friendly movies, the lights are left on a little higher. This keeps the contrast of the bright colors on the screen from being so harsh.  The movie volume is turned down a bit as well.” The story was published by 70 West Sentinel in Missouri. Read full article

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