Team Building across the Eastern Shore

On October 18th many of Maryland schools were closed for the Maryland State Education Association Conference (MSEA) in Ocean City. High Road Schools across the Eastern Shore took advantage of this day and took their learning and team building outside of the classroom. All staff came together to partake in team building activities and events. The group was separated into different teams and sent on a scavenger hunt around the area. Teams were able to work collaboratively together to accomplish goals and tasks and had some fun on the way. Teams also displayed some classroom spirit by dressing up and [...]

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Path to Graduation

Brandon has completed Spanish II and already earned a high school credit this year! He is using a special program called Apex which is designed to help students recover credits. Brandon has already received his first high school credit this year within the first month of school. Brandon only needs a few more credits in order to graduate and he is motivated to get out and head to college. His goal is to become a welder after taking the proper courses at Chesapeake Community College.

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Community Bake Sale

The staff and students here at the Kent Alternative Program are working together with two community partners to give back! We will be taking a trip to our neighbors, the Worton Community Center to bake PINK goodies and treats to then sell to staff and students at the Kent County High School. The entire of proceeds from this event will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. What is the best part of this event? It was brought to life by one of our students who wanted to do something for Breast Cancer Awareness month! We here at KAP [...]

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Going Purple

September on the shore is spent “going purple” to raise awareness and fight against opioid addiction. KAP decided to join in on the movement by helping to support a local rehab facility. Staff and students worked together to create motivational posters for the facility to hang throughout their building. Students enjoyed getting a brain break while also being able to help in a cause that has impacted them in one way or another. Students were encouraged to see that they could help to motivate others in similar ways that their teachers do for them.

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12th Annual 5k Shamrock Shuffle

High Road is continuing to build relationships in the schools and the community. This has been the 8th year that the High Road In District programs have volunteered and helped out at this event. On March 16th, members of the High Road Team gathered in Denton for the 12th annual 5k Shamrock Shuffle. Caroline County Parks and Recreation hosted a fun run and a 5k all proceeds benefit the summer programs for youth in Denton. Staff volunteered at the water station, cheerleading and also some staff ran / walked the 5k.

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Service Learning

As part of the Maryland State Curriculum students need to earn 75 service learning hours as part of their graduation requirement. Students were given the opportunity to work along side SEEC (Sassafras Environmental Education Center) where students explored nature and helped with land conservation. Students joined Mr. Gilcrest in a beautiful hike along the trails down to the beach gathering litter and debris that may have washed ashore. While on the hike students learned about carbon sequestration on farm fields and forests through photosynthesis. Students wrapped up the day by building a mushroom compost pile for future gardens that [...]

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Student Highlight – Brandon

Senior Brandon has been working diligently on his course work and his hard work has paid off. Brandon completed an APEX course on college and Career Prep and is one more credit closer to graduation! In College and Career Preparation students obtain a deeper understanding of what it means to be college and career ready. They learn about different schools and degrees they can pursue after high school. Career readiness is also a focus of the course. Students learn the connection between interest, college major and future career by analyzing career clusters. Students come away from this course understand [...]

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What is Pi?

As we celebrate Pi day, one must ask ourselves what is Pi really? Different people may say different things. Some say apple and pecan, some say 3.14. This is the most common answer that teachers get from the students. They all know 3.14, but they do not understand what it really means. Pi is not just some random numbers that teachers make students use just for fun. In, fact Pi can be represented in a formula, such as C/D. What this represents in the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter of a circle. As, I was describing [...]

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Teamwork Rocks

Working together for the safety of students and staff on this snowy 2 hour delay! Shout out to the amazing team of Kent County Public School. They are always smiling and ready to help. Head Custodian Greg Cruz and Custodian TJ are always going above and beyond with a smile on their face. KAP's Program Director, Ms. Bec helping KCPS maintenance men Mr. Greg and Mr. TJ shovel snow before staff and students arrive! The sidewalk and steps look marvelous thanks to them. What an amazing partnership.

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Flat Elliott Visits KAP

Kent Alternative Program had a very special guest come visit us this week. He came with a little letter and a mission to get to know the whole Team at KAP - so we took him around the building, went on a nice walk to a local park and even completed the 1 mile track loop with him as part of our gym class. He was also able to sit in on a Spanish and now can say "Hola". I began to tell our guest about the other AMAZING programs on the Eastern Shore and he is so [...]

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