Learn More About Our Staff’s Pro-Act Certification

Our dedicated staff and teachers are committed to the growth and safety of each student. Learn more about our staff’s Pro-ACT intervention certification today. We are available to answer any questions you might have about this certification.

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Opening of Marconi Avenue Campus

We are excited to announce that our campus continues to grow! We recently opened a new campus at 4049 Marconi Avenue. At this new location we will be utilizing our Academic Rotational Model Program to serve students. We are incredible excited for the move and so are all of our staff and students.

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Classroom 3 Highlights

The students enjoy going bowling. It is a great way for them to bond with their peers and show team spirit. Here are some of the students and staff working on building the volcano. They were very eager to put it all together and watch it erupt. The students learned how to sit together, learn their manners, and eat respectfully around one another. Going to the gym is a great way for the students to stay in shape and more physical activity outside of their daily P.E. classes on campus. [...]

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