Sierra School: Eastern Extension

Student of the Month: Yomali

Yomali has been with Sierra for a few months and has been a great role model to his fellow classmates. Yomali is a hard worker, he always spends extra time on his assignments ensuring his answers are always correct. He is kind and respectful to both his peers and his classmates, he is a positive peer influence and will often advice to others when they are facing difficult times. He is a great helper around the campus and is an active participant in all of our school sports teams. Visit our website to learn [...]

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Spirit Week Recap

Last week was our school’s spirit week. Huge thanks to all the staff and students who participated and made the week such a fun success. We had a few very fun activities throughout spirit week such as our Open House, our first cooking club of the year and we ended the week with school spirit day and a visit from the Shave Ice Truck. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Staff of the Month – St. Mark’s

Ms. C was voted as our August Star of the Month. She joined our team last year and has had nothing but a positive attitude since starting with us. She currently works as a 1:1 for a student in our Transition classroom but is always ready and willing to help out wherever she is needed. Ms. C is known for always smiling, and her kind demeanor. While she is soft spoken, she is a hard worker who is consistent and holds all our students to high standards. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra [...]

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Staff of the Month – Marconi

Mr. Glines and Ms. Degrate were voted as co-stars of the month at Sierra Marconi for the month of August. Mr. Glines is the teacher in Room 1 and Ms. Degrate is one of the Teaching assistants in Classroom 1. Both of these staff have dealt with some of our school’s most challenging students and have done so with a smile on their face. They make a great team in the classroom. Ms. Degrate is always a go-to​ in behavior management, she is consistent, firm and fair. Mr. Glines has taught and assisted in multiple classrooms before landing in [...]

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Attendance Incentive

This Friday students who had perfect attendance for the week got to get out of class and enjoy a special breakfast in the transition room to celebrate their commitment to attend school. This perfect attendance breakfast will be held every Friday for all our students that come to school every day of the week, regardless of what level they are on. At the end of each month, students who have had perfect monthly attendance will get to go off campus for a special lunch out with staff. It’s so important students to attend school regularly so they can continue [...]

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Our Transition Department

This year our transition department consists of Ms. Williams, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Lima, and Mr. Bandar. We have a lot of fun activities planned for our kids this year, and we are very excited to start getting some of our students back out into the work force. Our transition department has already renewed some of our previous contracts with several of our previous businesses, and currently looking to expand to new businesses as well. This year our theme in transition is higher education, and we would really like to push, and encourage our students to seriously consider higher education. [...]

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A Visit From The Blue Fairy

During our first week back at school, Sierra students had a special visit from our very own Blue Fairy. The Blue Fairy went around to each classroom to welcome our students back to school, pass out candy and remind everyone of all the special incentives and fun trips that are available for our Blue level students! Everyone had a great time with our Blue Fairy and we will be on the lookout for her next visit! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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