Staff of the Month: Alexis

Sierra School has selected Alexis Dees to be staff of the month. Alexis it’s always willing to lend a helping hand she goes above and beyond for the kids at Sierra school and she’s always spreading joy and kindness. And that is why we have selected her to be the staff of the month. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Student of the Month: Zander

Zander has been chosen to be student of the month! Xander has shown great improvement in his behavior and in the way that he treats others. He has overcome a lot of things not only in his school, but in his personal life as well and that is why we are proud to select him as a student of the month for Sierra School Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Op-Ed: Learn About Individuals With Autism

Thomas Roberts, Program Director of the Sierra School at Main Street, recently wrote an opinion piece in the The Daily Camera entitled "Learn About Individuals With Autism." "April marks Autism Awareness Month, an opportunity to raise understanding, beyond the statistics, about people who are differently abled. It is about real people — children, adults and families affected. As a community, it’s important to take time to pause and learn more about this integral part of our population. Inclusion is important for everyone and individuals with autism should not be left out." – Thomas Roberts, Program Director, Sierra School of Main [...]

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The Great Kindness Challenge 2019

The Great Kindness Challenge 2019 is quickly approaching! The leadership team has been working to solidify the plans for the week, and we wanted to share some important updates and details regarding what the event will look like here at Main Street School. As a reminder, The Great Kindness Challenge will take place the week of January 28-February 1. Below is a break down of what the week will look like: - Each student should receive a Great Kindness Challenge checklist. Students will use this throughout the week to challenge themselves to complete the acts of kindness listed. All [...]

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Graduation – 12/19

It's time for graduation here at Sierra School at Main St. We have a student who is graduating from Sierra School this year and moving on to an adult program. He has made tremendous progress while here at Sierra School that has gotten him ready for the adult world. The graduation will take place from 1:30 until 2:30, with refreshments to follow. Parents, friends, district personnel, and teachers are invited.

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Annual Holiday Party – 12/20

All families are cordially invited to our annual holiday party planned for December 20th @ 1:30pm to be held in the Main Street Cafeteria.

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