Civics & Elections

Classroom 16 reviewed some of the main differences between the political parties. Students listed out some main differences between Republicans, Democrats and independents. Comments were welcome, including dissent. We folded a paper in half and put a D and an R at the top of each half. Students were instructed to place tally marks under the side of the paper that they identified with. One student commented that most young adults do not vote. Two of our students are 18 years of age, another turns 18 in February and can’t wait to cast her first ballot. One student commented that [...]

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Back to School Night

On September 25th we had our Back to School Night! Parents and students were able to see classrooms and meet teachers and staff. Everyone also enjoyed a BBQ dinner, Raffle prizes, and games. All of our families, students and staff had a great time!

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Back to School Treats

On August 24th We celebrated Back to School with a Kona Ice truck visit! The students were able to enjoy a sweet treat as part of our incentives for great behavior. Even the staff got in on all of the fun. We look forward to many more awesome activities and events during the 2018-2019 school year.

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