Student of the Month: Marcus

Meet our Student of the Month - Marcus! Marcus is a 10th grade student who started a part-time transition to his school of residence at the beginning of the current school year. Marcus attends Sierra School for the first four periods of the day before moving on to Elsie Allen High School for Biology and World History.  This development is a significant accomplishment that Sierra School staff are proud to support. On a personal level, Marcus is known for being a kind and respectful friend who is generous with his time and personal belongings. These traits allow [...]

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Meet the Team: Jean Rogers

Meet our Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Jean Rogers! Mrs. Rogers has been working at Sierra School since March of 2017. She started out as an Assistant Teacher before moving into​ her current role in August of the same year. The list of tasks and projects that Mrs. Rogers is responsible for is too large to be listed in this space, but the effect her presence has on the program can be summarized as follows: any extracurricular event, community-based instruction, display of staff appreciation or reward for students is the result of her diligent planning generosity. Thank you, Mrs. [...]

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