Meet the Team: High School Team

Meet the Team High School Staff We have chosen to work in the special education field because we want to make a difference in the students’ lives and be a positive influence for their futures. As a team, we agree that it is important for society to know that our kids are fantastic individuals with aspirations to contribute to their communities. We work together on a daily basis to keep our students focused on their academics despite many challenges both in and out of the classroom. The team also provides help to [...]

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Driven Raceway Field Trip Rohnert Park

Our High School and Middle School students experienced their first field trip of the year by going to Driven Raceway! Below are photos from both trips. The students cannot wait to go back and race again. Middle School Field Trip Room 4 students earned a field trip to Driven Raceway. The students had to reach green and blue levels to participate in the field trip. Driven Raceway is an indoor kart racing entertainment facility. Students were able to experience firsthand European-style racing with high speed electric karts. Our students displayed positive attitudes and displayed pro-social behaviors [...]

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Forget Me Not Farm!

Classroom 1 students took a field trip to Forget Me Not Farm! Students who meet academic and behavioral expectations at school are able to go to the farm on a weekly basis. This local establishment gives children the opportunity to care for and interact with various animals including dogs, chickens, goats, horses, cows and more. Caring for the animals helps the students learn empathy and kindness for others and gives them a chance to display responsibility in their community. Please enjoy the pictures of our students in action!

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