US Government Class Election

The students in Ms. Bautista's US Government class got the opportunity to put into action all of the material that they have learned thus far about the election process. The presidential candidates and their teams had the task of creating a campaign, debating their opponent, and winning students over. The entire student body got to cast their ballot and watch as the winner was announced. This process taught the president and his running mate the power of teamwork, to present themselves confidently, the power of persuasion, and to think critically about issues in the school. [...]

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Sierra School Coffee Shop

Coffee is a big deal at the Sierra School. Our students use the time in the morning at our student-run coffee shop as a time to socialize with staff and peers, recharge, and to prepare for the school day ahead of them. Our school underwent construction this Fall that was completed right before holiday break. With this construction came more space for a new coffee shop. One of our gold students has taken this project on as his baby and has transformed what was once a dull office into an inviting coffee shop for the students and staff. We [...]

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Bronco’s Tour for Fun Friday

As part of our school's incentive plan, students on blue level earn the ability to go on a field trip one friday a month. The students play a part in choosing the field trips. This month, they chose to tour the Denver Bronco's Stadium. They got to go to the locker rooms, in the press box, on the field, and the Bronco stable. The field trips that we choose are meant to give student's experiences that they otherwise may not have. They enjoyed hearing about the history of a stadium so monumental in Colorado.

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Annual Thanksgiving Meal

Each year our entire student body gets a Thanksgiving meal catered. The district partners are also invited.  The students help set the tables and do the shopping. The students are always so grateful and welcoming to our district partners. After the meal, the entire school played a game of kickball with staff versus students. This is one of our school's favorite days. These are the days that help shape the culture of our school and allow students to feel a sense of belonging.

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