Colorado Autism Conference: Partnering for Potential

Staff at the Sierra School of Weld County had the exciting opportunity of attending the first statewide Autism conference hosted by the Colorado Department of Education. The conference focused on strengthening educational practices and featured many presentations from professionals, families, and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our own regional and executive directors, Stephanie Marshall and Sarah Strothkamp, presented on enhancing functional communication through visual supports.

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Student Spotlight: Alex M.

Alex M. — 5th Grade Mr. Smith because he is really nice. Letting other kids take VTOs (voluntary timeouts) before me. I've been working on it and I'm perfect at it! Lunch, I really like eating lunch. Art because I get to be creative. Coping skills especially when other kids stress me out.

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Student Spotlight: Dominick H.

Dominick H. — 6th Grade Mrs. Houdek because she is funny and helpful. Moving up in Mr. Walker's class. On a scale of 1 to 1 million I am 2 million times happy and proud! My friends and having consistency of seeing the same friends every day. Math because I am really really good at it. I've learned about fractions which is good because I want to build things. Also, I've learned self control. Get older. Also, learn to control your behaviors. Reaching Gold [...]

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3rd Quarter Family Night Out

This quarter we had close to 20 families attend our Family Night Out. We held our event at the Summit where families and school staff enjoyed bowling and eating pizza together. These nights are so important to our school because it helps families get to know each other and allows school staff to get to know families in a different setting. Family Nights are part of what makes our school special. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Student Art Gallery

At the start of the new semester, we introduced Art as an elective course for both our B.E.S.T. and Academic model classrooms. The students have shown so much creativity and hard work. Three of our teacher assistants volunteered to create a gallery wall to post our students' artwork. It not only added color to our school but also gives our students a sense of pride as they walk through the hallways. Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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US Government Class Election

The students in Ms. Bautista's US Government class got the opportunity to put into action all of the material that they have learned thus far about the election process. The presidential candidates and their teams had the task of creating a campaign, debating their opponent, and winning students over. The entire student body got to cast their ballot and watch as the winner was announced. This process taught the president and his running mate the power of teamwork, to present themselves confidently, the power of persuasion, and to think critically about issues in the school. [...]

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