100 Day of School Egg Drop

The entire Solano campus gathered as individuals competed for a chance to win bragging rights as well as a $5 gift card for building the best container to protect an "egg" from breaking when dropped from 15 feet. Parrish Alfred used 2 rolls of crepe paper to create a cup that the egg fit snuggly in, taped it completely up, put it in a cube shaped box of tissue, stuffed tissue on top, wrapped the entire box in bubble wrap, put it in a plastic bag with more bubble wrap & dropped it! It did not crack, way to [...]

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Birthday Surprise!

November 26th was a Milestone Birthday for Ms. Bufford!  To her amazement, we surprised her with a homemade confetti birthday cake and a balloon!! Mr. Williams, our new TA was there as well as student from room 3 to enjoy the festivities! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Room 4 Supports the Cure!

Room 4 choose to fully support Breast Cancer Awareness by learning the importance of early detection for both men and women. Literature was available for students to share with family and friends.Several students participated in the campus wide 2 mile walk! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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