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Student Shoutouts

We would like to congratulate 22 of our Springall students who have not missed a day of school since the beginning of the school year, which is 15 days in a row. Springall celebrates our students monthly for perfect attendance, however at this time we would like to recognize these students who are starting out their year strong. We celebrated all 22 of them in the garden with a special popsicle treat on this warm, sunny day in San Diego. Pictured: Muziq, Ben, Anna, Delaney, Ben, Connor, Travis, Bob, Juan, Jackson, Evan, Ianna, Destiny, Donyell Not pictured: [...]

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Morning Meeting – Positive Classroom Culture

This year our elementary team and our counselors have introduced a new social skills program called morning meeting. Morning meeting creates a positive classroom culture. The students take the social and emotional learning that they learn during morning meeting time, and utilize it in places like the classroom, nutrition break, lunch, the playground and PE. Morning meetings set the tone for the entire day. A peaceful, calm, and stable morning starts the day off right. The goal is to create an incredible climate and culture in the classroom that fosters meaningful student relationships. Through morning meeting, students learn respect, trust, [...]

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Staff Spotlight – Lucy Maloney

Ms. Lucy Maloney started at Springall in Spring of 2018 as a San Diego State Volunteer (SDSU). She worked in our middle school classroom volunteering for a class she was taking at SDSU to complete her undergraduate degree. She was then hired on as a full-time employee in Fall of 2018 to work in our Junior High classroom. This year she is working in one of our high school classrooms. Ms. Maloney has a calm, gentle demeanor and works well with our student population. She is always willing to lend a hand and is a great example of a [...]

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Springall Academy’s Character Counts

Springall Academy is continuing to teach Character Education throughout our school program. School wide we are encouraging all staff and students to recognize the six pillars of Character Education; Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring, Fairness, Citizenship, and Responsibility. The month of October the students will be focusing on the Character Trait of “Trustworthiness.” During this month, your student will learn the meaning and importance of being trustworthy. Activities and discussion will be implemented in the classrooms and during PE. We encourage you to ask your students questions about what they are learning in regard to the six pillars and its [...]

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Staff Appreciation Welcome Back Breakfast

Springall Academy is very fortunate to have a wonderful group of women from San Carlos United Methodist Church who have “adopted” us over the years. These women are retired educators. One of the many things they do for us is host a back to school staff appreciation breakfast. They serve a delicious spread of food and give all of our staff back to school survival kits. Their love, positive energy and support is appreciated by all. Visit our website to learn more about Springall Academy

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Career Day

On April 10, 2019, Sierra Academy and Springall Academy teamed up to host the annual Career Day Fair event for our students. We had 13 vendors with different jobs come out to allow students the opportunity to learn about the people in our community. These vendors included a Padres Human Resources Assistant, a Florist, two Starbuck's Baristas, a Magician, and more! They were able to talk to each vendor about their job so that they could gain a better idea of what their future might hold. The students participated in a "career day bingo" game that helped them to ask [...]

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