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Increase Student Motivation, Mental Wellbeing & Success

Resilience cannot simply be taught — it must be learned through application. EmpowerU’s data-driven programs meet students, families, and teachers where they are to provide expert support and produce lasting results.

With EmpowerU, skill-building instruction empowers students to bridge the gap between core resilience, persistence concepts, and individual goals and challenges. This connection boosts motivation, well-being, and overall success. EmpowerU’s unique learn-reflect-feedback loop helps students internalize these skills and strategies, ensuring lasting, meaningful outcomes.

The EmpowerU Difference

Student-Centered Approach  

The EmpowerU difference hinges on a student-centered philosophy. Unlike most mental wellness programs that merely teach key concepts, EmpowerU is centered around each individual student. Students set their own personal goals and then apply the acquired skills they learn toward achieving those goals. This personalized approach fosters evidence-based growth, and it works! Nine out of ten students enrolled in EmpowerU make goal progress. 

Student-centered approach | Catapult Learnings

Force Multiplier for Staff 

EmpowerU delivers counselors and teachers an evidence-based, turnkey, manageable system without overburdening them with another tool to learn and implement. Staffing shortages only exacerbate the mental wellbeing crisis nationwide, but EmpowerU enables schools to reach every student without needing more hires or extra work for current staff. The average ROI for each $1 invested in EmpowerU is 18X. 

EmpowerU Education - force multiplier for staff

Increased Resilience Drives Academic Gains   

EmpowerU measures emotional competency and shares growth results in real time on an individual, school, and district level through live dashboards. Customer Success Managers also provide reports that measure the impact on academics and behaviors. In fact, 93% of students find EmpowerU helpful to wellbeing. Improving wellbeing, in turn, leads to increased academic success and decreased behavior problems. 

EmpowerU Education - increased resilience in students

Real Stories, Proven Results

If there’s no data or measured student change because of your Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs, then what’s the point? You should expect and receive data on individual student growth and overall impact for every program your district invests in. EmpowerU is no different. Click through the success stories below to learn more about the transformative growth seen in our partner districts. 

ISD 728

Expanding capacity for highly effective mental wellbeing supports—without the burden of overwork or implementation fatigue. 

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Leading MTSS model district uses a whole child lens to focus on student mental wellbeing, motivation, and success. 

Stapleton Elementary School

Teachers seamlessly – and successfully – incorporate self-regulation and calming tools into their school culture to inspire students’ emotional well-being. 

Solutions for Your Whole Community

EmpowerU’s family engagement program helps school districts and childcare programs equip families of PreK through grade 12 students with a structured resilience program for children and caregivers to complete together at home, boosting their self-regulation, coping skills, and calm. 

EmpowerU’s summer programs are student-centered and create the perfect window for students to build the resilience and persistence skills needed to navigate rapidly rising levels of anxiety, depression, stress & burnout. Summer programs range from PreK – educator and are turnkey and easy to implement without a heavy lift on staff. 

We deliver teacher-led, blended, and online lessons proven to increase self-confidence, motivation, and mental wellbeing. As students learn to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviors, they are ready to engage and learn. Lessons provide universal support that is equitable, positive, and consistent.  

As soaring behavior and mental health needs outpace school capacity to meet them, districts need a partner they can trust to provide support that effectively returns students to Tier 1 instead of quickly moving them to costly interventions at Tier 3.  

Teacher burnout is real, but EmpowerU was built with educators in mind. Not only does EmpowerU’s educator course lower stress for teachers, but it also supports educators in a way that fits their needs and your school schedule. Clock-hour eligible, EmpowerU can be used for continuing education credits, providing an added reason for teachers to enroll! 

“The mental health crisis is much greater than our school’s capacity to fix it. Putting the ‘solve’ on administrators, classroom educators and school staff who are already stretched to meet escalating mental health needs (while also dealing with their own exhaustion and wellbeing) cannot be the only answer. EmpowerU increases our district’s capacity to meet this need with a proven and evidence-based approach that works- without putting more on our team.”

Middle School Administrator

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