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EmpowerU for Arizona Students

Increase Student Motivation, Mental Wellbeing & Success

Resilience can not simply be taught — it must be learned through application. EmpowerU’s data-driven programs meet students and educators where they are to provide expert support and produce lasting results.

With EmpowerU, skill-building instruction allows students to build core resilience and persistence concepts to meet their individual goals and overcome challenges – boosting motivation, well-being, and academic success. EmpowerU’s unique learn-practice-apply-integrate instructional design helps students internalize these skills and strategies, ensuring lasting, meaningful outcomes.

The EmpowerU Difference


Available in any language, turnkey delivery, and easy to implement at scale across all levels of support

Evidence Based

Rooted in the science-based, autonomous-supported learning model to fuel student growth and learning

Proven Design

Equips students with durable skills to increase intrinsic motivation, which in turn improves resilience

Goal Driven

Student-centered curriculum to unlocks intrinsic motivation to increase student engagement and academic success

Real Stories, Proven Results

If there’s no data or measured student change from your student programs, then what’s the point? You should expect and receive data on individual student growth and overall impact for every program in which you invest. EmpowerU is no different. Visit our Success Stories Page to learn more about how other schools and districts have implemented our programs and our proven outcomes.

ISD 728

Expanding capacity for highly effective mental wellbeing supports—without the burden of overwork or implementation fatigue. 

Twin Rivers Unified School District

Leading MTSS model district uses a whole child lens to focus on student mental wellbeing, motivation, and success. 

Stapleton Elementary School

Teachers seamlessly – and successfully – incorporate self-regulation and calming tools into their school culture to inspire students’ emotional well-being. 

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