Build organizational capacity to accelerate student achievement. By hosting workshops at your school or in your local community, you’ll introduce school leaders and teachers to a range of new ideas and research-based best practices. Workshops are three to six hours in length. While many workshops are suitable for mixed-grade audiences, some topics are differentiated by grade. Topic areas are organized by the strands of our 5-strand design, emphasizing:

  • Leadership

  • Pedagogy & Curriculum

  • Assessment for Learning

  • Learning Environment

  • Student & Family Support

Sample Workshop Titles

Download our PD Catalog for a full list and description of workshop titles. Sample titles include:

Leadership Workshop Titles

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional Leaders: Aligning Objectives, Questions, and Assessments
  • Marzano’s High-Yield Strategies for Instructional Leaders
  • Differentiation to Enhance Learning for Instructional Leaders
  • Building a Professional Learning Community
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Setting the Stage: Developing Your Leadership Team
  • Building a Culture of Achievement

Pedagogy & Curriculum Workshop Titles

  • Introduction to a Core Instructional Model
  • Concept-Based Testing
  • Close Reading
  • Developing Young Mathematicians: The Mathematical Practices
  • Making Inquiry the Focus of Instruction
  • Integrating Technology Into a 21st Century Classroom

Assessment for Learning Workshop Titles

  • Assessment Techniques
  • Formative Assessment & Adjusting Instruction
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • SBAC/PARCC Planning for ELA Teachers
  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data-Driven Instruction & Data Walls

Learning Environment Workshop Titles

  • Spaces Organized for Learning
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Developing Learner Voice
  • Developing Core Values
  • Cooperative Learning & Teamwork
  • Interactive & Engaging Teaching Strategies

Student & Family Support Workshop Titles

  • Identifying & Understanding the Needs of Students with Learning Differences
  • Exploring Modifications & Accomodations for Students with Learning Differences
  • Technology Supports for Universal Learning
  • Keys to Successful Inclusion: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching
  • Tiered Academic INterventions
  • Tiered Behavioral Interventions
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