Our workshops introduce school leaders and teachers to a range of new ideas and evidence-based best practices. We offer flexible opportunities to build capacity and promote improved practice with both in-person and virtual sessions.

While many workshops are suitable for mixed-grade audiences, some topics are differentiated by grade. Topics align with our Five Strand framework for developing exemplary schools:

  • Leadership

  • Pedagogy & Curriculum

  • Assessment for Learning

  • Learning Environment

  • Student & Family Support

If you’re looking for a professional development solution focused on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Inclusion, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), or Equity, our Professional Development Pathways bundles include both engaging workshops and high-impact coaching.

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Customized learning experiences include our daylong or multi-day institutes. Each institute is focused, applicable across grade levels, and tailored to your school or district needs, schedule, and participants.

  • Jennifer Abrams
  • Elena Aguilar
  • Doug Buehl
  • Ann Cunningham-Morris
  • Doug Fisher
  • Pete Hall
  • Robert Marzano
  • Ray McNulty
  • Pedro Noguera
  • Mike Schmoker

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Professional Development Pathways

With themed professional development, Catapult Learning prepares educators to address the whole child so that every student can achieve success. Professional Development Pathways allow you to focus on a specific area, or “pathway,” with a bundled solution that includes engaging workshops and high-impact coaching.

With learning tiers for each pathway, our experts cover the essentials and beyond, giving your leaders and teachers cutting-edge strategies and tools for success.

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Learn how Catapult Learning’s Workshops and Institutes can meet the professional development needs of your educators.

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