Military Programs

Foreign Language Training

iStock_000057505040_Large - female soldier croppedMilitary linguists and language professionals serve many roles in the Armed Forces and in the workforce. They act as interpreters and translators operating in foreign lands; they listen to and interpret foreign communications;and they develop materials for propagation within foreign countries. These military linguists and language professionals serve a wide variety of operational needs and play a key role in winning cooperation from foreign nationals.

Our focus is to provide foreign language training to young adults using research-based methods and strategies for second-language acquisition to deliver a proficiency- and task-based language program.

Since 1992 Milburn Academy has provided foreign language instruction for adult populations, employing modern proficiency-based and communicative strategies and methodologies to include the use of technology for second-language acquisition. Our training follows the language proficiency levels identified by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR). The scale is standardized to six base levels, ranging from 0 (no functional ability) to 5 (equivalent to an educated native speaker).

We provide a wide range of language training:

  • Basic acquisition, familiarization and cultural
  • Refresher and enhancement language training

In addition to language training, we support course development through both paper-based products and electronically delivered learning objects.


The focus in all Milburn Academy classes is aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills in specific foreign languages. Instruction and classroom activities are based on the most modern scientific and pedagogical principles stressing comprehension in listening, oral production, and reading skills.


Language instruction is available in over 40 languages, including:

Arabic Modern German Portuguese Thai
Levantine Arabic Haitian Creole Punjabi Urdu
Gulf/Iraqi Arabic Hindi Pashto Vietnamese
Baluchi Hungarian Rumanian Somali
Chinese Mandarin Indonesian Russian Uzbek
Czech Korean Serbo-Croatian Yemeni Arabic
Dari Persian Farsi Spanish Hausa
French Polish Tagalog

Our Instructors

Our instructional staff are educated native speakers. We provide them the support and second-language acquisition training to remain current with emerging techniques for training foreign languages. Our educated native speakers develop course materials and deliver language training in 15 states.

Adeleh Carr1Ms. Adeleh Carr started teaching in the foreign language program at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in May 1985. When Ms. Carr began, she was the Russian language teacher. Five years later, when the Farsi teacher left the program, Ms. Carr volunteered to teach Persian Farsi and has continued teaching this language for the past 25 years. Ms. Carr recognizes that the importance of interaction with students in assimilating a second language. Her interaction with her students is not just in the time frame of language instruction, as she is genuinely interested in here students as individuals. She has stayed in touch with her linguists through annual cards and letters, and many of her students are now retired and have family members in the military. This second generation of students stops by to visit Ms. Carr to let her know the important role she played for their parents, and in many instances, they too have enrolled in her classes, providing her the exceptional opportunity to teach two generations of family members. Lastly, her students have been so dedicated to attending their language classes that she helped to bring into the world two children, almost in her classroom!

For more information about our military foreign language programs and services,
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