Math Intervention with AchieveMath

Build a strong foundation in mathematics with AchieveMath

AchieveMath coverYour teachers know that a solid grounding in mathematics is critical to their students’ long-term success. With Catapult Learning’s math intervention program, AchieveMath, schools see real gains. Since 2011,  AchieveMath students have shown average gains of 63% on nationally-normed standardized tests after only a single school year of instruction. Success in math inspires success in other classes, and students become engaged in learning and enthusiastic about school.


Boost student confidence with math intervention that works

AchieveMath educational materials, aligned with Common Core State Standards, are tools for your teachers to use in supporting struggling students and improving student confidence. Students in the AchieveMath program

  • grasp critical fundamentals
  • establish a foundation for vital skills
  • progress to more complicated concepts
  • develop deeper awareness of mathematics
  • learn the habits of mind embodied in the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Our research-based curriculum delivers rigorous lessons that get students up to speed and keep them there. Flexible and comprehensive, AchieveMath can be used as an integral part of the school day, a wrap-around program before or after school hours, or a part of summer learning.

Success in math inspires success in other classes.