What has Jariel done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?

So far this school year, Jariel has obtained our highest behavioral level. Jariel has perfect attendance. His success and work ethic has earned him an LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) placement starting at the end of September!

What are teachers and staff saying about Jariel this school year?

“Jariel is an amazing student and has a bright future ahead of him! Jariel has impressed me in his knowledge and appreciate for the large world around him.”

“Jariel has been a pleasure to have in class and loves to share his experiences, as Jariel is well traveled and has many cultural experiences he shares with his peers.”

“Jariel is a model student who entered the program as a withdrawn, sleeping most days, and uninterested in his education; now Jariel leads class discussion, works around the building, and enjoys making friends and learning new things.”

What is something Jariel has accomplished so far this school year that they are proud of?

Jariel has hit the ground running this year, achieving our highest behavioral level, Blue Level, within the first week of starting his 2019-2020 school year! Jariel has been a true model of success this year, as well as the prior school year where Jariel achieved Honor Roll for academic success, Attendance Awards for exemplary attendance and most recently acceptance into a Least Restrictive Environment. We will be sad to see Jariel go, but we wish him the best in his next chapter and are thrilled by his growth!

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