What impact has Erin had on colleagues and students over the past month?

Erin has been an amazing resource to the staff of High Road School since taking on her new role this school year! Erin new role has allowed her to provide instruction support to our staff by administering diagnostic testing, supporting staff with the development of IEPs goals and objectives, and facilitating other academic functions such as lesson planning, grading and classroom management.

Since taking on her new role as an Instruction Support Staff, Erin has been pivotal in providing successful academic intervention for staff to develop meaningful lessons driven by differentiation and accommodation for our unique student population. Erin has also been able to provide academic resources to our staff to enhance and foster their successes within the classroom.

Erin was selected because of the amount of support she has been able to provide the staff this year in her new role supporting teachers and assistant teachers inside of the classroom.

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