What impact has Kimberly had on colleagues and students over the past month?

So far this year Kim has been integral in implementing behavior interventions to assist staff with achieving both academic and behavioral goals. Kim has been a support to teachers in their classroom by providing behavior supports to facilitate the school model and ensure the success of our students. Additionally, Kim’s role has been pivotal in helping staff with formulating meaningful behavioral plans to assist students requiring additional supports.

Why did other staff members select Kimberly as Staff of the Month?

Kim was chosen as our Staff of the Month to highlight how excited we are for her new position of Behavior Analyst for the 2019-2020 school year! Kim has made clear her passion for helping students achieve their full potential by reviewing data and targeting behaviors to develop individualized behavioral plans through approved school strategies and outside of the box thinking.


Kim has been an integral part of our school for over 5 years. In her time here, she has worked with every age and grade level in various roles, from Assistant Teacher to High School Teacher to opening our BEST classroom. We are excited for her to bring our behavior management system to a whole new level with her time, insight and expertise!
Clare Young, Program Director & Director of Education

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