High Road School: Baltimore County, MD

Student of the Month: Kaydence

What has Kaydence done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?? Kady has been selected as Student of the Month because her effort and enthusiasm has been noticed by so many this month. She is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. She comes to school every day with a little smile, soft voice and a desire to learn. She pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is accurate and done to the best of her ability. What are her teachers and the staff saying about Kady? Kady’s teachers [...]

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Staff of the Month: Brandon

There's not enough good things I can say about Mr. Brandon. He implements the model with fidelity, consistency, and validity. He displays true grit. We are so happy that Mr. Brandon could be a part of our teaching team. We are looking forward to all of his creative, engaging, and exciting lessons. What impact has this staff had on colleagues on students over the past month? Mr. Brandon was voted by his colleagues as the September Staff of the Month because of his ability to support the existing school wide model and fit in [...]

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Riding the light rail to Roland Park Nature Center

Monthly, life skills students at High Road of Baltimore County learn to ride the MTA system. This month we rode the light rail down to Roland Lake Nature Center. Students enjoyed learning about the history of Roland Lake and exploring the Nature Center. The goal of riding the MTA/light rail each month is to promote less anxiety in the students community. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Group time with Ms. Kaitlan

Each Wednesday, students practice working together in a group setting with our school social worker: Ms Kaitlan! Life skill students truly enjoy this time to talk and share directly with her. Together, they completed an activity to promote and encourage healthy relationships and boundaries! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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C.B.I./Hygiene Shopping

Life skills students had the opportunity to go shopping for hygiene at our local Family Dollar Store. The students learned how to compose a hygiene list, where to purchase the items and how to get the best deal. Students had to locate and purchased items such as comb, brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, q tips, razor, shave cream, deodorant, finger nail clippers and shampoo. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Student Spotlight: Kaliyah W.

Student Spotlight Kaliyah W. – 8th Grade Ms. Tracey is my favorite teacher. She is helpful, but pushes me to try harder. Ms. Tracey says I can do anything that I put to my mind. She says that I have potential to do anything and it is my choice as to whether I choose to do it. I cannot control what other people do but I can control what I do. Ms. Tracey thinks I am very smart. I am the Ambassador for the High Road School of Baltimore County [...]

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March Madness Has Hit High Road School

Working in partnership with Baltimore County Department of Parks and Rec Center, High Road School was able to secure an indoor/outdoor gym facility. This facility allows our students to participate in baseball, football, and of course March Madness basketball! Through the use of the facility with basketball season upon us and upcoming games between the High Road Mid-Atlantic Region Schools, the High Road of Baltimore County can potentially host some of the games. On our first outing to the facility, which is located next to the Baltimore County Police Precinct 11, Community Outreach officers came over to greet students [...]

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Trip to Innovation Time

On February 6, 2019, students visited Abingdon Public Library's Innovation Lab. The digital media lab provides community members the opportunity to be creators of electronic video, audio, publishing, 3D designs and more! Through creative experiences in the Innovation Lab, our customers develop new skills, resources, and products that help to drive Harford County's economy forward. Students were able to check out their 3D Printer and create their own artwork. Our students chose to make a Fidget Spinner! They used other software to create a sign that says "Life Skills" Students also used their green screen and photography software to [...]

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C.B.I. Trip to the Laundry Mat

We have the pleasure to lead our Life Skills students in weekly C.B.I. (community based instruction) trips at High Road School of Baltimore County. This week's trip was to the Laundry Mat at Fluff and Fold. This is an example of many "community based" trips we take so the students have a chance to practice many needed skills outside of the classroom. C.B.I. or community based instruction is also the best way for our students to practice what they learn in the classroom. This also allows for social interactions in the natural setting: community! [...]

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Home Depot C.B.I.

C.B.I, or Community Based Instruction is a hands-on lesson in the community that allows the students real-life practice on various life skills they will require in everyday life. Once a week, our Life Skills students participate in CBI lessons. On February 28, 2019, Students went to the local Home Depot to participate in a Scavenger Hunt created by staff. Students were required to complete a worksheet that asked various questions such as: "I want to paint my room, what supplies do I need?" Students were required to walk around the store, find the location of items [...]

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