March Madness Has Hit High Road School

Working in partnership with Baltimore County Department of Parks and Rec Center, High Road School was able to secure an indoor/outdoor gym facility. This facility allows our students to participate in baseball, football, and of course March Madness basketball! Through the use of the facility with basketball season upon us and upcoming games between the High Road Mid-Atlantic Region Schools, the High Road of Baltimore County can potentially host some of the games. On our first outing to the facility, which is located next to the Baltimore County Police Precinct 11, Community Outreach officers came over to greet students [...]

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Trip to Innovation Time

On February 6, 2019, students visited Abingdon Public Library's Innovation Lab. The digital media lab provides community members the opportunity to be creators of electronic video, audio, publishing, 3D designs and more! Through creative experiences in the Innovation Lab, our customers develop new skills, resources, and products that help to drive Harford County's economy forward. Students were able to check out their 3D Printer and create their own artwork. Our students chose to make a Fidget Spinner! They used other software to create a sign that says "Life Skills" Students also used their green screen and photography software to [...]

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C.B.I. Trip to the Laundry Mat

We have the pleasure to lead our Life Skills students in weekly C.B.I. (community based instruction) trips at High Road School of Baltimore County. This week's trip was to the Laundry Mat at Fluff and Fold. This is an example of many "community based" trips we take so the students have a chance to practice many needed skills outside of the classroom. C.B.I. or community based instruction is also the best way for our students to practice what they learn in the classroom. This also allows for social interactions in the natural setting: community! [...]

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Home Depot C.B.I.

C.B.I, or Community Based Instruction is a hands-on lesson in the community that allows the students real-life practice on various life skills they will require in everyday life. Once a week, our Life Skills students participate in CBI lessons. On February 28, 2019, Students went to the local Home Depot to participate in a Scavenger Hunt created by staff. Students were required to complete a worksheet that asked various questions such as: "I want to paint my room, what supplies do I need?" Students were required to walk around the store, find the location of items [...]

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Authentic Life Skills: Out and About in the Community

The Life Skills class went out into the community to practice authentic learningLife Skills. In our area it is important for students to learn their community, be able to navigate within the community and to be able to identify and take advantage of resources that will help them integrate into the community. As educators we believe in preparing our students for success so theLife Skills class learned how to read the public transportation bus schedule and how to ride pubic transportation in order to get from one designated MTA point to another MTA designated point. The students chose a [...]

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Life Skills Students Bake Italian Cookies

Life skill students at High Road participate in weekly C.B.I's (Community Based Instruction). This allows our students to practice what they learn in the classroom and out in the real world.  Depending on the students goals, objectives, and abilities; their teaching team provide direct instruction in the classroom, to be paired along with an actual trip or activity.  On Tuesday, students went grocery shopping to purchase the ingredients needed for a holiday recipe:  Italian Cookies!  Then on Thursday the students completed the recipe for their cookies in the school's kitchen.  As a team, Ms Jese and Mr Tyler lead [...]

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Making a Full Meal in Culinary Class

Today in culinary the kids created a full meal, including dessert. This was the first time we have attempted the completion of a full meal. As staff we could not be prouder of them; not because it turned out great but because they took true pride in what they created. Each and every staff member who came in and complemented them made their smiles even larger. As staff we took pride in the fact we got to be part of something for so exciting for them. The students made a spring mix berry salad, roasted pork loin with a [...]

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Festival of Trees

We were excited to take part in the 28th annual Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees this year! This is a three day event that takes place at the Maryland State Fair Grounds. Featuring over 700 trees all decorated in its own theme. “Every Light Deserves to Shine” is something that each and every staff and student in our school believe is true, so it was only fitting it would be our trees theme. Every ornament was designed by a special education student at High Road School of Baltimore County. The time and thought that went in to each ornament expresses who [...]

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Students Help with Maryland Food Bank

On November 5, 2018, High Road School of Baltimore County had the opportunity to volunteer at a local Maryland Food Bank. There were 19 students and 5 staff that attended this event to connect with their surrounding community and give back to those in need. This event is referred to as a Community Based Instruction, in which our students were able to interact and learn about the needs of their community, and how to help “their neighbor.” The students and staff were able to assist 800 families at this event. During the event, the students helped unpack the food [...]

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Social Butterflies Girls Group

High Road School is dedicated to the educational and emotional needs of our students. In doing so, we recognize that our ladies often need an outlet to express themselves and socialize. In this group "SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES" we come together to do things in the community while building relationships. The goal of our group is to build friendships and dispel the notion that teenage girls can’t work through their issues. We also engage in fun activities that bring smiles and laughs! We meet twice a month and have amazing conversations. The end result is that these ladies will gain a [...]

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