Staff of the Month: Collene

What impact has Collene had on colleagues and students over the past month? Collene is the ultimate team player. She comes from a place of yes with her colleagues and makes them priority. She works very closely with leadership and is vital to their day. She helps staff get what they need done while pushing them to be more independent and fluent in their job responsibilities. She is always available to help staff and students. Collene has the best balance of empathy and accountability when it comes to student's academics and behavior. She is always there to [...]

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Student of the Month: Ian

What has Ian accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Ian is a responsible, creative, and motivated student. Ian comes to school with a positive attitude as he greets staff members upon arrival and dismissal. Ian is able to be a role model in class as he completes his academic work and engages in one-on-one instruction. Ian is a very talented artist, and sketches different animals and characters that he likes. Ian is a hard-working young man who continues to grow and succeed with a positive attitude. Visit our [...]

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Animal Assisted Therapy

This therapeutic intervention incorporates a variety of animals, such as guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and reptiles, into a treatment plan. There are so many social emotional benefits to adding these new opportunities into our school therapeutic programming.  It is used to enhance and complement the benefits of traditional therapy.  Our students can listen to the heartbeats of an animal and connect the negative physical responses to stress and the positive physical responses to a calm, safe touch.  Our students discuss how the care of each animal differs and how this relates to the many ways, we as people need [...]

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Back to School Night – Spaghetti & Bingo

Out of the B11 Back to School Nights I’ve attended, this B1 was by far the best! Our Spaghetti Dinner and BINGO night involved delicious food, teachers announcing BINGO numbers, lots of prizes, and fun for all.  A DORS representative also came out to explain all the pasta-bilities for our students who are getting ready to transition out of school.  I cannelloni imagine all of the success and progress our students will make this year as we set their goals high and watch them soar past them B4 our eyes! Penne for your thoughts:  Don’t miss another event!  Hope [...]

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Girls’ Group Social Butterflies

At the High Road School of Baltimore County, we have a Girls’ Group that was started last school year, also known as the Social Butterflies.  In this group, the girls of the school are provided an opportunity to socialize with each other and complete volunteer and fun activities.  Some of the activities completed last year included: volunteering at the food bank, getting their nails painted, and volunteering at the retirement community Oakcrest.  The girls have brainstormed more volunteering and fun activities for this upcoming school year.  This group empowers our girls to build their independence, find ways to get [...]

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Student of the Month: Kaydence

What has Kaydence done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month?? Kady has been selected as Student of the Month because her effort and enthusiasm has been noticed by so many this month. She is a very responsible, motivated, and passionate student. She comes to school every day with a little smile, soft voice and a desire to learn. She pays close attention to details and makes sure that her daily work is accurate and done to the best of her ability. What are her teachers and the staff saying about Kady? Kady’s teachers [...]

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Staff of the Month: Brandon

There's not enough good things I can say about Mr. Brandon. He implements the model with fidelity, consistency, and validity. He displays true grit. We are so happy that Mr. Brandon could be a part of our teaching team. We are looking forward to all of his creative, engaging, and exciting lessons. What impact has this staff had on colleagues on students over the past month? Mr. Brandon was voted by his colleagues as the September Staff of the Month because of his ability to support the existing school wide model and fit in [...]

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Staff Training

Before pencils were sharpened and walls were made “Pinterest fabulous,” teachers at High Road School of Baltimore County committed themselves to an intensive week of professional development. They dedicated time to learning best practices for proactively implementing a high-quality therapeutic and academic model that will meet the needs of each and every learner.This year, teachers focused upon learning new and innovative ways to implement High Leverage Practices for Special Education, the top 22 practices that the Office of Special Education recommends to effectively collaborate, assess, support social-emotional learning, and instruct. During these training sessions, teachers and assistant teachers celebrated all [...]

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Riding the light rail to Roland Park Nature Center

Monthly, life skills students at High Road of Baltimore County learn to ride the MTA system. This month we rode the light rail down to Roland Lake Nature Center. Students enjoyed learning about the history of Roland Lake and exploring the Nature Center. The goal of riding the MTA/light rail each month is to promote less anxiety in the students community. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Group time with Ms. Kaitlan

Each Wednesday, students practice working together in a group setting with our school social worker: Ms Kaitlan! Life skill students truly enjoy this time to talk and share directly with her. Together, they completed an activity to promote and encourage healthy relationships and boundaries! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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