Halloween Fun

It's officially Autumn, a time for pumpkin spice and everything nice!! Lockerman Middle School is falling into the season's spirit with tons of fall activities. Students and staff tapped into their creative side during our pumpkin group project. Art is the expression of one's imagination, each student was able to explore and bring their imaginations to life. The end result, pumpkins that are as unique as each personality in our classroom, aren't they gourdeous!! Ben dressed up as a mysterious black cat for Halloween, winning our best dressed for the day. As un-be-leafable as it may seem, the Lockerman [...]

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Staff of the Month: Ms. Z

What impact has Ms. Z had on colleagues and students over the past month? Ms. Z (Zenia) is an Assistant Teacher at Lockerman Middle School IDC. Ms. Z has been an integral part of the team this year. Ms. Z has shown great leadership qualities and has taken on many extra role and responsibilities this year. She has dedicated her time to working with students and building their confidence towards learning. She has supported the program by ensuring the academic model is followed with fidelity, Lesson Planning, and monitoring students daily progress. Ms. Z was chosen by [...]

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Making Progress

Anthony M. has been in the High Road program for three years and has made amazing improvement since he began. He has consistently increased his time in the general education classroom which is our goal as a High Road team. Currently, Anthony simply checks in with High Road staff in the morning and spends the rest of his day in gen. ed. We are proud to present Anthony as our student success story and are confident that there will be many to follow in his footsteps. Visit our website to learn more about High [...]

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Successful Integration

Students at High Road School at Lockerman Middle are successfully integrating with their peers in Gen Ed classes. While in the general education class, Lukas earned a positive referral from his teacher! Mrs Hardee at Lockerman Middle School recognized Lukas for being respectful and disciplined. “Luckas has been a Rockstar student during FOCUS! He is helpful, hardworking, and always quick to say “thank you” after getting help from me. Keep up the great work Lukas – I am happy that you are in my FOCUS class!” From Mrs. Hardee. Mrs. Benson the Principal at Lockerman Middle School also encouraged Lukas [...]

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It’s Hockey Time

Students at High Road School at Lockerman Middle school have been practicing their dribbling, passing and puck skills during their P.E. class. By the end of the quarter student will be able to develop and apply principles of attack versus defense in small sided games of hockey. Students have been building on their skill set and were beginning to play the game following the rules. At the end of the class students will be able to successful pass the puck, dribble consecutively and hopefully score a few points. At the beginning of the year PE may not be [...]

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Wildcat P.R.I.D.E.

Here at Lockerman Middle, we are excited to say we have kicked off our 2019-2020 school year! Our High Road students attended a pep-rally to remind us all what it means to show our Wildcat P.R.I.D.E. One of our students joined in a dance battle and put on quite the show. In the pictures, you'll see a few of the students working on some ice breakers/team building with our lead teacher, Mr. Brad. Also diving into academic work with Mr. Jeff!! Visit our website to learn more about High [...]

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Tragedy of the Commons

The purpose of the activity is to explore how resources are used and exploited when they are available to multiple parties. Students are able to come up with a solution to harvest a population for human use by means of a sustainable harvest. Our students used Swedish Fish, drinking straws and their own creative techniques to provide for their families using a common fishing hole. At the end of the activity, students should be familiar with the concept and the consequences of various public land use regimes Visit our website to learn more about High [...]

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Flat Elliot Pops Up Again

Flat Elliott and ET came to visit Lockerman Middle School this week! The student’s were busy with their academics for the first day Elliot and ET were out in the classroom, because they weren’t even noticed. Students sat at the kidney table and read the letter sent with Elliot telling about his journey, and looked at the pictures of him with other High Road schools. After learning a little about him, the students got to take turns taking pictures with him around the classroom. It was a fun day! Visit our [...]

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Native American History

As we continue our lessons on Native Americans, students at Denton Elementary decide to take a "road trip" to Arizona to visit the Hopi tribe. The students learned 3 key vocabulary words when discussing the tribe: Kachina, Adobe, and Irrigation. They are even able to recall the definitions of these words when Ms. Suzy asks for the first letter of each word. At the end, the students made their own Kachina dolls. Each one is representative of an aspect of the Hopi life. What's my K word? KACHINA!!! Visit our website to [...]

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