World Kidney Day 2019

On Thursday, March 14th, our school will proudly wear green to support World Kidney Day! Learn more about World Kidney Day on their website today.

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Meet the Team: Anastasia McGlone

Anastasia McGlone, Special Education Teacher I choose education because I realized that I enjoyed working with children and seeing their growth and those “aha” moments when they figured it out. I found my niche with Special Education when I worked with an amazing special education teacher and saw the growth among her students and it motivated me to pursue special education. Each day I teach language arts, math, and science social studies and art elective. I work in small groups with my students for LA and math which allows more direct instruction. [...]

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The Peabody Museum

This month, our Primary/Middle school students of High Road School of Wallingford attended academic field trips to The Peabody Museum in New Haven. Students explored everything from the museums Mummy exhibit, to Meteorite impacts, to Red Pandas! The students finished the day enjoying pizza and socializing with their peers before returning to school for dismissal.

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Holiday Drive for Our Families

To support our students’ families for the holidays, we will be having a food drive between the return from Thanksgiving and the December holiday break. We will have an exchange for a day of wearing jeans in exchange for a contribution to the drive. Please see the exchange information below. Please also know that the same rules will be applied for jeans- no rips, leggings, etc. For our parents: What: High Road School staff are collecting meals to donate to our families for the Holiday Season. When: All returned slips will be placed in a raffle for a free [...]

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New for 2018–19: Psychiatric Services

We are excited to offer students at B.E.S.T. Academy and High Road School of Wallingford (High School & Primary) Psychiatric services for the 2018–19 school year. Why did BEST Academy & High Road Schools believe providing a Psychiatric service would be beneficial to students?We work with amazing and complicated students who deserve to experience behavioral and emotional stability, allowing them to reach their maximum academic potential. We have the benefit of being with our students for 6 hours a day, seeing them in positive moments and under duress. These moments allow us to have a rare holistic picture [...]

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