Charting Progress

i-Ready is something the children work on to record their progress in Math and English. We get to see how the children progress from the start to the end of the school year. We love watching the progress they make because it shows all of their hard work and knowledge they’ve gained during the school year. We always reinforce the positive behaviors when they complete their work and try to show them how much can be achieved when they focus on the right things. We had a pizza party and root beer floats to celebrate since they finished [...]

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A Math Escape Room

Recently the High Road School at Margaret Brent Middle School had a fun filled Thursday. The students were looking forward to participating in the activities. For the morning Math rotation, the students completed a Math escape room. The students were divided into two teams for the activity. Olivia, Cody and John were on one team while Taylor and Timmy were on another team. For the activity they broke into groups and both groups started with the first riddle and then moved on at different paces. They had to solve the riddle with their teammates and if they needed a hint [...]

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Jayla’s 8th Grade Year

We are so proud of Jayla’s progress this school year. After receiving the beautiful picture of her at the 8th grade dance, we all thought it would be a good idea for her write a short story about her experience in our program this year. Thank you to Ms. Ellie and Ms. Carroll for helping Jayla with this story: This year I’ve had a lot of challenges and achievements.        One of my greatest achievements this year is making new friends. The way I have made new friends this year is by interacting with them and using my [...]

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An Inspirational Month

The month of March was filled with fun and inspirational activities! On March 22nd, 2019, our students participated in Career Day. The students were assigned to create a detailed board explaining their occupation based off of their interest. The students then had to research various steps ( type of job starting out, where they had to do research, where they would live, type of education, budgeting, etc.) that will take to reach their future career. During career day, family and faculty can come and visit our classroom and take a tour of each student’s future plan. Family and [...]

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! To celebrate Reading across America week, the High Road Green Holly classroom celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday. To start their day, students were asked to write a quick journal about the book that the class read. One prompt was; what would you do if the Lorax gave you his last truffala seed? Ja’Nijah, a 4th grader in the High Road classroom, wrote this: If the Lorax gave me a tree seed I will feel happy. Then I can grow some pink trees because they are pretty and soft. They would grow pink fruit. Through the week [...]

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An Astronomical Project

This week’s theme for Fun Friday was solar systems! Throughout the entirety of the week students learned different facts about the solar system. Green Holly High Road teacher, Ms. Howard, lead a lesson about the Universe and what’s inside. She discussed how small our solar system is in the Milky Way and asked students to try and find our solar system. Students were given journals to learn about the solar system and to create their own solar systems. This journal lead into the week long activity of creating their own solar systems. Students were asked to bring in shoe [...]

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Spring to Action

For Fun Friday, we celebrated spring with “SPRING INTO ACTION” Fun Friday! We started the day during writing, where the students had to write a journal entry identifying one goal that they wanted to accomplish by the end of the school year. After they worked on this, they wrote their goal on a carrot and rabbit that will be going on our classroom bulletin board! In the afternoon, we completed activities such as a spring word search, spring themed bingo, and the highlight of the day was our spring scavenger hunt! We hid 12 flowers around the classroom and [...]

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Challenge Accepted!

During math and reading, our students are actively working on the i-Ready computer program during their computer rotations. i-Ready provides an interactive online learning environment that assesses each student and provides individualized instruction based on their specific needs. Recently, we have given our students a challenge to increase their time on task, which ultimately assists them making academic growth. When they reach at least 15 minutes on task for math and 15 minutes on task for reading, they have received an entry into our weekly prize drawing. Besides earning bragging rights, our students who earn the most time time [...]

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The Scientific Method

In science class, our middle school students have been learning about the scientific method. Students were presented a power point in which they had to fill in the blanks of the steps involved in the scientific method. Students were given an exam to test their knowledge on the scientific method. After completion of the exam, students were able to demonstrate what they’ve learned by working with a partner and conducting a science experiment. Students worked together to compose all the parts of the scientific method (a question, a hypothesis, a conclusion) and wrote down what they observed and the [...]

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Black History Month 2019: The Pizza Box Project

In honor of black history month, students participated in the pizza box project. Students researched an African American historical figure and created a pizza representing that individual. Each pizza slice highlighted different parts of the African American’s life, from childhood to education to adult life and death. Students then worked hard creating a box with all the information and illustration. Each student presented their box to staff and was graded on overall presentation of their box and on the research provided. The students really DELIVERED their best work! Visit our website [...]

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