Experiencing Colonial Times

Our fourth grade students were able to travel back to the colonial times at the Historic St. Mary’s City! During this field trip, our students learned how goods were traded on ships. They were also able to board a ship and take a tour through it! Our students learned how to navigate their way without technology, but by using tools that were used in the colonial times. The students went inside the different types of houses people lived in and tried on different clothing that was worn to keep warm. The students also learned about the age that [...]

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End of the Year Celebration

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is already here! On June 5th, our classroom held a celebration to acknowledge all of the hard work and effort the students have put forth this year!  The celebration started off with an awards ceremony, in which they earned a certificate for.  The students earned the following awards: Thomas: Super Smile, Amazing Attendance, Spectacular Academic Progress Nicholas: Mr. Manners, Caring Citizen, Estudiante Excellente Seth: Daring Dancer, Calm Cool & Collected, Amazing Athlete Jayden: Contagious Laugh, Respect, Social Studies Superstar Miguel: Time Keeper, Great Curiosity, Amazing Artist Kavon: Team Leader, Optimism, Remarkable Reader Teresa: Spunky Spirit, [...]

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