The Scientific Method

In science class, our middle school students have been learning about the scientific method. Students were presented a power point in which they had to fill in the blanks of the steps involved in the scientific method. Students were given an exam to test their knowledge on the scientific method. After completion of the exam, students were able to demonstrate what they’ve learned by working with a partner and conducting a science experiment. Students worked together to compose all the parts of the scientific method (a question, a hypothesis, a conclusion) and wrote down what they observed and the [...]

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Black History Month 2019: The Pizza Box Project

In honor of black history month, students participated in the pizza box project. Students researched an African American historical figure and created a pizza representing that individual. Each pizza slice highlighted different parts of the African American’s life, from childhood to education to adult life and death. Students then worked hard creating a box with all the information and illustration. Each student presented their box to staff and was graded on overall presentation of their box and on the research provided. The students really DELIVERED their best work! Visit our website [...]

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Musically Inclined

This year, the High Road School program at Margaret Brent Middle School has been filled with many experiences and academic success! As a class, the students are able time out of the High Road classroom and into the music room. Each school year, the students attend one special within the school. This year that was music, with teacher Mrs. McCombee. She brought out musical instruments for the class to practice and participate in a musical activity. The musical instruments are called Boom-Whackers. These instruments are mixtures of long and short tubes that make different musical notes. The students were [...]

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iReady Ice Cream Celebration

The High Road School program at Margaret Brent Middle school recently took the iReady diagnostic test for the second time this year, in reading and math. All nine of our students participated in the testing, and the majority vastly improved their scores. As a result of their success, students that achieved 1-9 point improvement from September were awarded a scoop of ice cream with one topping, 10-19 point two scoops of ice cream with two toppings of their choice. However, any student that achieved 20 or more points, earned two scoops of ice cream and a slice of pizza per [...]

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Experiencing Colonial Times

Our fourth grade students were able to travel back to the colonial times at the Historic St. Mary’s City! During this field trip, our students learned how goods were traded on ships. They were also able to board a ship and take a tour through it! Our students learned how to navigate their way without technology, but by using tools that were used in the colonial times. The students went inside the different types of houses people lived in and tried on different clothing that was worn to keep warm. The students also learned about the age that [...]

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End of the Year Celebration

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is already here! On June 5th, our classroom held a celebration to acknowledge all of the hard work and effort the students have put forth this year!  The celebration started off with an awards ceremony, in which they earned a certificate for.  The students earned the following awards: Thomas: Super Smile, Amazing Attendance, Spectacular Academic Progress Nicholas: Mr. Manners, Caring Citizen, Estudiante Excellente Seth: Daring Dancer, Calm Cool & Collected, Amazing Athlete Jayden: Contagious Laugh, Respect, Social Studies Superstar Miguel: Time Keeper, Great Curiosity, Amazing Artist Kavon: Team Leader, Optimism, Remarkable Reader Teresa: Spunky Spirit, [...]

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