Partnering with the National Aquarium’s Conservation Team

This year Snow Hill Middle School's 7th grade team has a service learning project with the National Aquarium's Conservation team, which is in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Chesapeake Bay Trust. High Road student, Thomas, was able to join his peers to plant Atlantic white cedar trees, which is a vulnerable species in Maryland. This planting is part of an ongoing restoration effort through the Aquarium's Atlantic white cedar program, which encourages students in Worcester and Somerset counties to become environmental stewards through hands-on opportunities to care for trees on their school grounds. Later this [...]

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Team Building across the Shore

On October 18th many of Maryland schools were closed for the Maryland State Education Association Conference (MSEA) in Ocean City. High Road Schools across the Eastern Shore took advantage of this day and took their learning and team building outside of the classroom. All staff came together to partake in team building activities and events. The group was separated into different teams and sent on a scavenger hunt around the area. Teams were able to work collaboratively together to accomplish goals and tasks and had some fun on the way. Teams also displayed some classroom spirit by dressing up [...]

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At Snow Hill Middle School students who have been succeeding in the High Road Classroom are able to join their peers in Unified Arts, Specials or other classes. Thomas and Aiden have started their year off joining their peers during their scheduled gym time. Thomas and Aiden, are very active and enjoy our current sport of Football in gym class! Sometimes we get to use the gym for some free time and they get to run around and get some exercise in! They cooperate very well during class and display great sportsmanship towards one another and their peers. [...]

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One Senior’s Adventure to Success

Crystal B. is a senior in high school, who is close to the last leg of her journey. Graduation is right around the corner and the idea of school work can be a thing of the past. From struggling with her attendance and classwork over the past few years, Crystal has come to the realization that her years of truancy affected her ability to pass her classes and gain graduation credits. Last school year Crystal's attendance was 66% present. This year Crystal has started the year off strong with being present 91%, Now, gaining a diploma and going [...]

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Student Success – Mykia

Snow Hill High School has many different unified sports that students can participate in. Sophomore Mykia transferred into our classroom mid-year, and had recently been expressing an interest in joining one of the sports teams to meet new friends and grow socially, along with gaining some new skills. With staff encouragement and support, Mykia joined the bocce ball team this spring. She has enjoyed learning the sport, and being part of a team. That team ended up placing 3rd overall in the state competition, and Mykia shared that she is excited to continue or even try out a different [...]

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A Successful Escape

For one of our group therapy sessions this month, the students in High Road at Snow Hill Middle School participated in an escape room where they had to unravel a series of puzzles with clues hidden all throughout our classroom! They worked together by taking turns reading clues and helping one another decode messages sent by aliens! They successfully used their problem solving skills as a group to escape! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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A Special Visit

The Easter Bunny visited the students in High Road at Snow Hill Middle School! The students worked hard during an Easter egg hunt as eggs were scattered throughout Snow Hill Middle School's front patio. When they had trouble finding all of them, they worked together and used their problem solving skills to find the last of the eggs. At one point, Thomas dropped some candy on the ground and Eli helped him pick it up so he would not miss out on the fun! Instead of getting frustrated, Eli and Thomas worked together and helped one another. With two [...]

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Student Highlight – Skyler

This month we would like to showcase one of our bright and promising seniors at Snow Hill High School. Skyler just turned 18 and has begun thinking about his plans and goals after high school. His hobbies are video gaming, talking with friends in online forums, and creating funny memes. He hopes to one day become a detective, but is also working on becoming an author/illustrator in the World of Fantasy. Skyler has always enjoyed writing as a creative outlet. With only a few months until graduation, our staff looks forward to seeing the great achievements Skyler will accomplish [...]

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5 Questions with Justin B.

For this month we would like to showcase our lone Freshman Dustin B. with a short 5 question interview: How are you enjoying your Freshman year? Dustin B: It's good. It started off shaky, but as time passed with help from you guys it became a lot easier. Good glad to hear that we made the transition easier for you. Now tell us a little about yourself what are your favorite hobbies? Dustin B: I like to do Robotics while in school, but after school and on the weekends I love to play video games! What is your favorite [...]

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A Furry Friend

High Road at Snow Hill Middle made a new furry friend this month! His name is Josiah and he is a two year old yellow Labrador who has been trained as a full assistance dog. Josiah and his handler, Mrs. Wendy Myers, work at The Cricket Center which is Worcester County's only child advocacy center. Mrs. Myers explained to the class what a day at work looks like for Josiah and what it means to be trained as a full assistance dog. Each student was given some time to snuggle with Josiah and then as a group they played [...]

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