High Road Upper School: Prince George’s County

Workforce Development – Microsoft Office Skills

Ms. Njie’s students are completing their last class in Basic Microsoft Skills, at Prince George’s Community College in Largo Maryland. Students learned the basics of using Word, Power Point, and Keyboarding (typing). Their last assignment was creating a resume, and as potential employees these students were able to put their school, community service, in school jobs experience, along with the classes that they took in High Road Schools Workforce Development Program, to let potential employers know the job skills that they have acquired. They had the opportunity to take this course on a college campus which allowed for a [...]

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Talent Show 2019

Recently, the High Road Upper School of Prince George’s County, MD held an extravagant Talent Show. Considering the Black History Month backdrop, the show had an Afrocentric-attired theme. HRUS students showcased their talents in front of staff, parents, as well as classmates in attendance. To participate, students had to maintain a “Blue” functional level; so it was no small feat to see so many of our students qualify for this extra-curricular event. Students sang, danced, performed spoken word, and one of our sophomores even presented a young lady with a rose, teddy bear, and chocolates for the Valentine’s Day [...]

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Thank You Ms. Lucas

Ms. D Lucas has been with High Road Upper School for eight years. Of those eight years, six were spent at the Beltsville location and the other two were spent here in our current location. Ms. Lucas held many roles during her career while at High Road including: an assistant teacher, a teacher and a certified medical technician. “Work with a purpose and be serious about our students and their success”, quoted Ms. Lucas. This was not just a saying but a philosophy that Ms.Lucas lived by and modeled.   Her positive energy and warm spirit will definitely be missed. [...]

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Completing A Class In Computer Repair and Build

Students from High Road Academy and High Road Upper Schools took part in an introduction of the inner workings of a computer. The class lasted for a month, students took apart computers put them back together and learned how each part of the computer works. Some of our students want to pursue a career in Computer Science, and they were given the opportunity in the class to show what they already know and what they learned. One student in particular, Karuan Johnson, got the opportunity to assist the instructor, Mr. Hall, with how to create and change the background [...]

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Making A Difference

Our student’s volunteered last week at Martha’s Table in Washington, DC. Pictured are a Freshman and Sophomore. They were challenged to help prepare a meal for 250 people who are currently experiencing homelessness. Not only did they prepare the vegetable but they actually cooked the chicken stew with the assistance from the chef. More students are scheduled to continue to volunteer with this organization in the future.

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CORE 4 Awards

High Road Upper School is no stranger to the four core principles that are the foundation and standard for High Road staff. This academic school year the administrators are going to award staff members who have demonstrated said principles during their daily routines. One of the winners for the month of October was Mr. McNeil. Mr. McNeil was awarded the transparency award. He is a seasoned social worker from New York who has always been passionate about education. “I was surprised at the award, just doing my job” stated McNeil. His vibrant attitude and motivation is very apparent in [...]

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Workforce Development Recognition Ceremony

We started out with 8 students of High Road Schools of Southern Maryland in the Spring of 2016, and have grown to over 40 students from High Road Schools of Laurel, Lanham, and LaPlata, Maryland. The partnership with Prince George’s Community College Workforce Development Program has been very advantageous for High Road Schools students. Students have earned certificates in Customer Service, Microsoft 1 and 2, and ServSafe.  Starting January 2018 we added classes in Computer Build and Repair, Child Care, and Culinary Arts, our students are now earning certificates in six courses. This Spring’s 2018 Workforce Development Recognition [...]

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