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Softball Picnic: 10/24

All students in room 7, 8, 9, & 10 are invited to attend the softball picnic at the park. This picnic is for students who are on blue level and have completed their assignments. The park event is planned for Thursday October 24th from 11am - 1:30pm. Students and staff will have lunch at the park together and then play a friendly game of softball. 

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Pumpkin Patch Field Trip: 10/24

All students in rooms 5, 6, 11, & 12 are invited to attend our field trip to the pumpkin patch. The trip is planned for Thursday October 24th from 11am-1:30pm. Student will need to earn this activity by being on blue level and completing their assignments. All blue level students will take a trip to a local pumpkin patch where they can play games and visit the petting zoo.

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Fall Newsletters

Download our Fall Newsletter today Download our Fall Newsletter today

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Staff Training Day!

On October 9th we had a pupil free day. All staff reported to school at 8am to collaborate and attend classroom team meetings. Our Regional Instructional Specialist was on campus to provide an assessment training for all ACI classroom staff. She also provided an overview of the BEST model for our ID staff.

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Go Sharks Go!

Coach Leyva leads the Sharks (in white) to an opening drive touchdown. Sierra of Alhambra looks to bounce back and pick up its first win of the 2019 A.M.A.S.E. flag football league. Alhambra has come up short, dropping its first two games by less than a touchdown. This week they’ll host West Side Academy. Go Sharks!

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Social Skills Lab!

Here we have 2 high-school students, Mariah and Isaiah, playing Candyland. At the start of this station, staff encourages the students to greet each other. Throughout the activity, staff teach peer recognition, awareness of the environment, turn-taking​, and overall communication between the two students.

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Student of the Month: Aaron

Aaron has made significant behavioral progress. His behaviors up till the end of summer consisted of crying shortly after lunch through dismissal daily. He would run out of the classroom at any given opportunity and head towards the exit of the building.  His crying has stopped completely. Aaron has done really well in the last month. Although he still continues to elope from the classroom, Aaron runs out with a smile and is easily redirected back to class. He seems happier this year and the level of compliance has increased.

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Focusing on Adult Living Skills

Our Transition Classroom focuses on adult living skills. The activities are modified according to students' abilities. Most of the students' favorite rotations is Culinary Arts. Ms. Stephanie evaluates the strengths of the students and determines what role they will play in the cooking process. Some are able to engage in the mixture of ingredients, while others can participate with minimal support around the griddle. The picture illustrates one of our transition students, Michelle, with Ms. Stephanie making pancakes.

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Super Hero of the Week

Derris Hurth was nominated as, “The Super Hero of the Week” by his class. Not only is he a friend to his peers, Derris helps his peers both academically and with offering advice. Derris has demonstrated the “power” to arrive daily and to transition from rotation to rotation with ease. His dedication has been an example of the model behavior Ms. Radhika expects from her students. Derris’ respectful and cooperative behavior with peers and staff is not just present in the classroom, but also throughout campus and while riding the van. His behavior is reflected on his daily [...]

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