Student of the Month: William

Our student of the month for October is William! On his first day of school, William attempted to leave the classroom every single opportunity provided. When asked to conduct an academic task, William stepped away from his desk within 5 seconds and made his way towards the door. He required frequent walks around campus. When the opportunity presented itself, William exited the classroom without a known direction. At the slightest unsupervised moment William would have bathroom incidents. William now tends to task for 15 seconds and takes his 30-second break at his desk for a duration of [...]

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Key Staff: Alex

Alex is one of our top 1:1 Aides. He’s genuinely caring towards all students. He is reliable as he shows to work promptly and consistently everyday. Alex remains calm during crisis situations. He has a consistent pleasant and empathetic demeanor. Alex is detailed, thorough, highly organized, efficient, works well with minimal supervision, engages students, provides assistance without hesitation, submits all paperwork accurately and in a timely manner. He demonstrates flexibility by starting an earlier or ending a later shift. Alex can be placed in any classroom and immediately evoke a positive environment as he is well liked by [...]

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Student of the Month: Aaron

Aaron has made significant behavioral progress. His behaviors up till the end of summer consisted of crying shortly after lunch through dismissal daily. He would run out of the classroom at any given opportunity and head towards the exit of the building.  His crying has stopped completely. Aaron has done really well in the last month. Although he still continues to elope from the classroom, Aaron runs out with a smile and is easily redirected back to class. He seems happier this year and the level of compliance has increased.

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Super Hero of the Week

Derris Hurth was nominated as, “The Super Hero of the Week” by his class. Not only is he a friend to his peers, Derris helps his peers both academically and with offering advice. Derris has demonstrated the “power” to arrive daily and to transition from rotation to rotation with ease. His dedication has been an example of the model behavior Ms. Radhika expects from her students. Derris’ respectful and cooperative behavior with peers and staff is not just present in the classroom, but also throughout campus and while riding the van. His behavior is reflected on his daily [...]

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Staff of the Month: Marlene Sanchez

My staff of the month is Marlene Sanchez. Marlene exceeds expectations in all areas. She is punctual and has sustained an excellent attendance record since her first day of employment. She maintains accurate records of all students assigned to her. She takes initiative by offering assistance to teachers and peers. She demonstrates flexibility as Marlene is often asked to work in various classrooms as needed. She volunteers to work with our more challenging students, seeks feedback and applies all instructional plans for students. She’s organized, autonomous, and well-liked by all her peers. Marlene demonstrates genuine care for all students. [...]

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Meet the Team: Salvador Ramirez

Salvador Ramirez, Program Director The daily experience is what keeps me here. You would think that after 22 years here, I wouldn’t have anything surprise me, but that’s not the case. Over my career here at Leeway, I’ve worked as an aide, driver, substitute teacher, teacher and as of this year, the school’s program director. Performing each of these roles provided me with an infinite number of unique experiences. Part of prepping to become an effective teacher begins at the University, but the process of experiencing at the job and learning day by day [...]

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Meet the Team: Francisco Villar

Francisco Villar, Administrative Director Francisco Villar during a recent college shirt day at Leeway. I enjoy the people with whom I work. Our program provides a stable, safe, and nurturing learning environment for our students. I am proud to be a part of this school! Each day that a student returns to school, ready to learn, is a victory. Each day a student experiences some joy in their day is a victory. I have seen students take those “victories” and use them to motivate themselves to complete their education. Our [...]

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Tower Challenge

Team building is an important aspect of our school and classrooms. The Tower Challenge shows both teachers and students the importance of building a strong, healthy team. The Tower Challenge involves several teams (of 3-4 students) competing to assemble the tallest freestanding structure in a given time period with set materials. Materials include 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 1 slice of white bread, and 1 small Play-Doh modeling set. After completing the Tower Challenge, students discussed the importance of a well-functioning team as well as how they can apply the lessons they learned towards building a health collaborative community. [...]

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